Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Go Pooker!

Pooker had a volleyball game and wanted to bring some friends. They were both in for a shock traveling with this crazy family. We got lost on our way to the the match. Pooker had told her dad the wrong school. Pooker dad and mom were all fighting until we figured it out. Our guest just saw us arguing then laughing. We defiantly showed them that big family always starts with some tension.
We loved watching the game. If only Pooker played more than 3 bumps. One bad and two good. Goobers and Bagel loved sitting together.
Dad and Pickle rest between games.
Jumba makes the shot with the help of our ever growing Bear.
Moogie is as crazy as ever.
Princess is still waiting for teeth.
Other than being lost we had a great adventure. Our friend Linda started Chemo on the same day. We dropped off some lunch meat and rolls for her family. While in the car we realized that Sugar gave them our bag. This meant that we only had a little sandwich for dinner. That didn't stop the smiles.
It was all fun and games until someone spilled water on the nice gym floor. Dad used the only thing we had with us, a diaper. It absorbed quit a bit.
Pooker is enjoying the time playing but wishing she got more of it.

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