Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Bear

My first baby boy is 17 years old, where did the years go.  This is a young man that I see now.  He is smart, funny and very determined.  I think that I most admire the faith of this young man.  I don't know what his future holds for him.  I can't even begin to guess where life will take him.  I can say with confidence that whatever it is, he will make his mother and father proud.  I know this because no matter what he decides to do he will be doing it to serve the Lord. 

 Bear is hard on his siblings, he tells all the girls that they have to grow up to be nuns, and he can have a very smart mouth.  All that about a young man that amazes me every day.
 Bear will always be in the heart of all of his siblings.
 Happy Birthday Bear!  We all love you so much!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's A Twin Thing

 I don't get it but Beautiful slept right through Adorable kicking her in the head.  So cute!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Twin Shots

Yes, they are that cute in person.  So much fun!

Adorable of Left and Beautiful on Right!

Arts and Crafts

What Fall is like Here.

I so wish this is what I was seeing right now.  I miss the fall leaves and crisp air more than anything else in the world.  I so love this time of year  .   .   . but not in Houston.  It is hot still, very hot.     So every year at this time I fall into a depression, I am sure that the hormones of having twins and nursing two babies is adding to it this year.

 Instead this is about as good as it gets, a HUGE pumpkin by the front door.
Getting out the Fall boxes means that we are getting out the boxes of old Halloween costumes.
 I love seeing Jumba is the costumes of yesteryear, worn by all the older siblings.

Even the girls got into it.  Love my M and M's!!!

Heirloom Baptismal Gown - HELP

Way back when J and I first got married, J's Papa asked me to wear his wife's wedding dress for our ceremony.  Granny had died several years before and Papa with tears in his eyes pleaded with me to wear her dress so that she could be a part of the day.  As much as I would have liked to have worn the dress I couldn't.  It had not been kept air tight so the maternal was aging.  Granny was a size 2 at her wedding, I don't think I ever wore that size.  I didn't want to hurt Papa.  My mother-in-law came to the rescue with a wonderful idea.  Nanny took the dress to a seamstress that was able to cut and save portions of the dress to form a small version to be used as a baptismal gown.   

My pictures do not do this dress justice.  The seamstress used the original buttons, lace and fabric and created a beautiful copy of the wedding dress that is perfect for a baptism and holds so much sentimental value.
 The material is around 90 years old and needs a soft cleaning before being used again.   That isn't my issue.  The dress was made for Pooker but we have used it for all of our daughters.  Each one has looked beautiful in this gown.  The boys each wore the baptismal suit that J wore.

Even The Slip is gorgeous.  The material was an off white and is now yellowing, but that doesn't bother us as it brings J's Granny and Papa into the spiritual celebration of baptism with each daughter.
This time I had to have twin girls;  one dress, two girls.  That is my dilemma.   Pooker would like us to use the dress but change the girls so each one is baptized in the dress.  I tried to explain that each part of the baptism will happen for each girl within minutes.  I don't intend to have two naked babies and move one dress back and forth over and over again.  I suggested getting something new and that was greeted with protest as well.

OK my dear wise blog friends, what are your thoughts????

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ready for Football!

This picture was sent to me while I was grocery shopping.  It was Sunday afternoon and dad wanted to watch football.  He set the babies up and tried to teach them all about the game. 
Adorable on Left
Beautiful on Right
 I guess now that they are officially 4 months/18 weeks old, they are reading for a little football.

The twins sleeping positions crack me up.  They both move around, almost searching for the other.  Adorable is always on the right and Beautiful on the left.  Here Adorable was almost opposite of how we put her into bed.  We noticed the other day that for the first time Adorable was at Beautiful's feet, so often it is the other way around.  The world of young twins can be fun to observe.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Splish - Splash the Twins Take a Bath

First joint bath today.  They loved it.  I was amazed at how they are so used to each other.   Tight quarters did not bother them at all.  They really enjoyed the bath together.
Adorable - Beautiful

Adorable - Beautiful



Adorable - Beautiful


Possible with Beautiful
Goobers with Adorable
Bath time ended with the big kids turning on a Baby show to see if the girls would watch.  We were all amazed how the girls focused on the TV with Kipper on.
I don't know if this soon become a favorite but it did get everyone's attention.  I love that it isn't Barney or Teletubbies.  I just wonder how much more I can handle of those types of shows.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Park Time with BOL Friends

Fridays always start with Mass and then we try to recap all of our lessons.  Then play time.  This week we wanted some park time.  We invited friends to join us and a few were able to make it even though it was very late notice.   I handed the kids the camera at the park and asked them to grab a couple shots for me. 346 pictures were taken in just about 20 minutes. Only a few are usable. I love digital cameras.    Many pictures were of the birds.  

 Beautiful is close up and Adorable is farther back.  

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Beautiful is 2nd baby from left and Adorable is baby far right.

Thanks for meeting us at the park, friends.