Wednesday, July 31, 2013

14 Months old and the Trouble Begins

Walking is in full force now.  Now that these two are mobile I am having trouble keeping up with them.  They are making a mess in one room while I am in another cleaning up the last mess.  The interaction between them is so much fun to watch.  They entertain each other and love each other very much. 
B in the top of bed with A in her side

B splashing water while sitting on table

A turning TV on and Off
One issue is that they have discovered talking to each other.  This is great except for Mass.  During this special quiet time the two try share with each other while the rest of the congregation is quiet.  That resulted in some fun time walking the halls.
A in lead with B following

B to the left and A to the right

B on top B on bottom of pic



A in back and B close
Don't be shocked it is just another mess.
B on top of A
A had hand on B's back
But don't worry they have got each other's backs.  I do love the above picture,  one of my absolute favorites. 

These two are either asleep, messing some stack of papers up, or climbing up onto something.  Here they are in the windowsill.  They know they were busted and are still all giggles. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Good News but we Still have Headaches

Poor Goobers is still having head aches.  Our Doctor ordered an MRI for her.  Why is she still having headaches?  Her glasses have helped but she is still plagued by headaches.  The doc wants to rule out anything major and then we will start attacking the headache.   
This was not a big deal for Goobers but it was for mom.  This is a young woman that knows who she is and she feels that she is ready for her future (and she would like it to be head ache free).  

The good news is that the test came back clean.  Goobers has a pretty brain.   There are not any tumors or abnormalities that are behind the pain.  That is a huge relief.  I record these things just to keep track.  Thank you God for our Goobers, her beautiful brain and we just ask that we can find a solution to her pain. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Fun at Pool

The twins fit right in with the rest of the T Family.  Swimming is a favorite past time.  With dad spending more time at an office we have him around less to help  with things like pool time.  With all these good helpers we still had a blast at the pool. 







Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Offices for Dad

Dad's company has been growing and growing.  We know that it is in part because of J's hard work.  The company is based in Houston and recently moved into their new office building.  The company was very proud of this new location and rightfully so. 

All the local employees and spouses were invited to an official grand opening ceremony.   I loved this because I love meeting the people that J gets to work with.  The hard thing for the T family is that dad now has an official office and must leave home every day.  This is new for us. 

It was an exciting night.  Congrats to the company and to J for the great job that he is doing. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Goobers Birthday Morning Fun

 This is my precious Goobers on her first birthday.  The twins look just like she did at one year.  Now she is turning 19.  She is no longer a cute baby and a beautiful woman of God.  Goobers is an amazing woman that gives our lives so much joy. 
How to people celebrate birthday mornings without a houseful of siblings.  I hope we never find out. 

Her siblings wanted her to know that they love her bunches and bunches.  The day began with homemade cards and gifts.  Happy birthday Goobers, we all adore you!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mom Gets Depressed

I don't think it is a clinical depression, honestly I don't have time to really be depressed but I do find it so hard to be upbeat and cheerful.  Last year I had to push through and after having been so sick with the twin pregnancy I felt so great.  This summer is a different story.

The heat didn't start as early as usual but when it did it hit hard.  I hate Houston, I hate living here so very much.  I love all the wonderful people we know here but I still don't want to stay.  I feel like we are not supposed to be here and we were supposed to move away several years ago.

My husband feels differently and tells me that I need to trust God and know that I am where I belong.  I don't find peace in that.  I fight being depressed with the long hot days.

I do try swimming but the water is so hot and it really takes way too much effort to take everyone to the pool.  The babies love the water but I only get a few minutes in the pool before I need to take them out and I am constantly worried about them sucking up too much water. 

It is summer and it is hot every where.  I know that.  It really isn't the heat as much as it is the duration that gets to me.  I grew up with very hot summers but after three maybe four months the heat would end and then fall would come.  (Also there was a little break in the high heat each night!)  I know that isn't going to happen here.  I am sick of people telling me that on a cooler day (mid 80's with a feel like temperature of 95.) that I should be thankful.  It isn't the same as the cool air of fall with the crisp air and the leaves changing all around.  Visiting is nice but even while visiting I know that I have to come back here. 
There is more to it than just the heat.  It is a feeling of being trapped.  I am not sure if we will ever get out.  J's current company is based in Houston.  That has moving away pretty much an impossibility.  I can't even begin to express how hard that is to wrap my head around.  We are here without the hope of moving away.  J makes more money and his current position is fantastic.  I am so proud of him and all the work he is doing.  Yet I am not happy.  I guess I am just ungrateful.  All I can say really say is to ask for prayers for me.  I hope to find peace in where I am.  Maybe I am not supposed to because we are not supposed to be here.  Pray that I can find a way to make the most of  it.
I hope that you are enjoying your warm summer days.  I also hope that you live somewhere that those days will come to an end soon.  Sitting here on  July 22nd looking at the temps for next week, I am overwhelmed.  Oh well, I need to distract myself and focus on the positive (AGAIN.)  Please forgive me if you run into me and I am grumpy.  Most likely it isn't you, it is the heat.  Thanks for letting me vent. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

14 Month Old and A Bad Habit

We were so happy to be home again.  I personally could not wait to hug and kiss each and every child.  Until this trip I had nursed the babies at least one a time a day (usually at night.)  At this point it was more for me than for them.  The trip let us put an end to that.  The babies are walking now all the time.  They don't often go in opposite directions, instead they lead each other around.  One habit that has developed is picking apart their diapers.  For some crazy reason they prefer to take off and play with their poopy diapers.  YUCK!!!   YUCK!!!   YUCK!!!  So now even though it is very hot outside I am putting them into any kind of pants I can find and in winter type sleepwear.    


So far, at 14 months, we are loving each step and each age.  These two girls remind us how to be young again, how to enjoy every member of the family and to always have each other's back!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Steubenville Conference - St. Louis

We drove to St. Louis so that Bear, Sugar and Possible could go to the Conference with Fr. Keller's parish.  Our parish in Houston goes to the Conference on the Bayou, too much shellfish for Miss Sugar so we looked elsewhere.  The kids were thrilled that this year Fr. Keller went with the group.  None of these pictures are mine.  They are taken from the Facebook page for this Conference or from the group photographer from our group.  The kids has such a fantastic time that I wanted to share.


 LifeTeen offered a follow up for the youth that went on these trips.