Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Celebration of friendship!

Miss Linda is so full of surprises. She went shopping on Saturday to get her children dressed for her upcoming funeral. Then she went to Mass and enjoyed the evening with her family. Sunday she called and asked if we wanted to meet her at the park. We couldn't join them but I was so happy that she is again able to enjoy her family. I am guessing the chemo has finally worked it's way out of her system. She is now enjoying life.

I dreaded Tuesday for some reason. I was convinced that her weekend energy was not going to last into the week. I was wrong again. I walked into the living room to find Sugar was on skype calling Tab. Linda was on the computer screen as well. She updated us on her very busy day and then asked us to join her for dinner.

Linda is so funny. She has such a zest for life. We sat at the restaurant watching our girls play. Linda asked me about a swim team friend's family. Lisa died unexpectedly on Saturday. Linda is worried about her family. She wanted to know if there was anything she could do to help. I must have had a blank look on my face, because she just laughed at me. I have no idea what she could do for this family. I don't even know how I can help them and I am not dying myself. Linda isn't wasting time. She is on a mission to be there for as many people as possible.

We also talked about her time in heaven. She has been thinking so much about this. I still look at her in amazement. She is so happy and at peace about her short future on earth. She is now talking about what special missions she has to take with her to Heaven. She is praying that God will enlist her help on a few big projects and special people she wants to help once she is able to join him in Heaven.

I came home with a joy in my heart that I have never known. I think I should be sad but Linda's love is so contagious. She called me today (Wednesday) to tell me that she had spent the day shopping. She wasn't sure if she likes the outfit they plan to bury her in. She doesn't want anyone to be afraid of death because of how she looks. Always thinking of others.

Thank you God for Linda

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