Saturday, December 23, 2017

Baking Cookies for St. Nick's Visit

So many people work hard at making Christmas cookies during December.  J has fond memories of doing so when he was younger.  He got his moms sugar cookie recipe and got all the kids together to get cooking.  Nanny's recipe is a family favorite.  We all had a blast.  

The cookies never turn out as beautiful as we imagine but they are so delicious.  So much love - and sprinkles - go into each one.

Ginger-Bread House Competition

Seeing Santa At HEB

Goobers told us that Santa was coming to her HEB.  The twins prepared themselves this time and actually went up to him and had a short conversation.  They are so cute.  We are extremely proud of them.  They faced their fear and pushed themselves to do something that they were a little afraid of.  I think the big siblings were just as excited for them.  
It was the a busy day that took a lot out of these two.
This was the Saturday before Christmas and the twins were already worn out.
May we all find the peace of the season this way.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Good bye L Family

For years Sugar has worked as a nanny for a wonderful homeschooling, Catholic large family from our old neighborhood.  Sugar has worked hard over the years but has also fallen in love with a second family.  The plan to go off to college meant that Sugar was leaving not just our family behind but also the L family.

Not all the kids are in this picture.  Sugar loves each and every one of them so very much.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Someone Lost Another Tooth

Adorable was so afraid to loose that first one but then this one was "no big deal".  She is now an old professional.

Fun Times

Jumba and Twin Adorable

I find cute pictures on my phone, camera and computer.  This is a cute one so I had to share.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Advent Mom's Night Out

Our MNO group is a fun one. This even is always a favorite.  This picture has some great ladies in it. I am so thankful for this fun group that continues to get together each week to support and pray for each other!

Bear is Home

He moved everything back home.  I his is set up like a dorm room.  He has a fridge and a TV.  We are super glad to have him home.  He keeps moving, that is for sure.  He and his brothers got the lights up the first few days he was home.

Christmas lights are just his job.  Welcome back to the day to day craziness Bear, we are thrilled to have you here.  

. . . and just hanging out with his sisters.  They are so happy to have him back.  He is showing them something on the computer.

Pooker Has An Introduction

Pooker Introduced her friends to her new boyfriend on facebook - so I guess it is official:  

"Y’all meet JavaJava. This man has come into my life and hasn’t stopped impressing me since our first date. He’s gone out of his way to work around my busy schedule of working nights and having labs all month, and It doesn’t even phase him!
He’s caring, sarcastic, sweet, hilarious, supportive, intelligent and so devoted to our faith, he’s pretty handsome too I guess. 😉 I just am so overjoyed and thankful to have met him. Say a prayer for us and our new relationship. A, you’re the best. Thanks for being mine. "

So Pooker had a very busy week.  These classes were taking lot out of her considering she works overnight shifts at the free standing ER.  

JavaJava sent her a packet of goodies to help her stay focused and motivated.  
Goobers and JavaJava both were there with food and encouragement when she needed it most.

This girl is very cared for by her sister and her boyfriend.  I think she is one blessed young woman. 

Pooker also shared some pictures of the preparations for clinicals:    
"Two weekends of lab in the past month for us. We’ve been practicing and prepping before they release us to Methodist for clinicals. I have an amazing group of hard working classmates that I’m stuck with for two years! "
She looks so cute wearing all her nurses gear.

Welcome to the crowd JavaJava.  We are enjoying getting to know you.  We will pray for the relationship like Pooker requested. We continue to be very proud of Pooker and are also very happy for her.