Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Goals for 2014 - UPDATED 10-1-14

As the New Year rolled in I set aside 5 basic things that I wanted to focus on for the year 2014. I promised monthly updates in hope that it will keep my focused on accomplishing these.  Here is the original post:  Goals for 2014 as posted on 1-4-14

1)  Replace Holy Mary Tree Topper:  Check

2) Create Heirloom Quality Christmas Stockings:
I know that I am running out of time.  Maybe someday I will not be this busy - ha ha - who am I kidding?

3) Improve Flexibility and Stamina:
 I started very late in the month but I did actually turn on the "exercise channel" on the Roku and tried out a stretching video.  I didn't even make in more than 5 minutes the first day (9-29).  It did feel good to stretch.  The plan is to start by just stretching the first week.  I hope I can keep it up. The next day I walked to a video on walking.  I was told I walked one mile and I was exhausted.  I hope I can keep it up.

4) Move Into a Home That Better Fits This Big Family Needs:
I still feel so stuck in this place.  I hate the house ugh.  I don't want to move local.  We are still moving forward with addressing all credit issues.  I had no idea that following Dave Ramsey's programs might negatively effect our credit as much as it did.  It does feel great to have little debt but I wonder if another approach might have been better for us.  We are trying to look into all possibilities with that as well.

5) Be Adventurous:
I feel very unadventurous right now. I am back to feeling overwhelmed with a desire to move but no able to make it happen. I want to travel but can't fit it in the budget or the calendar.  It is still hot and humid and the few days of relief just make we want to get the heck out of here.

Friday, September 5, 2014

BOL First Friday/ Happy Birthday Holy Mary

Bread Of Life Homeschool Group had its annual Birthday Bash for Holy Mary on the First Friday on September.  We gather, sing happy birthday, pray a decade of the rosary and then eat the cupcakes and play at the park.  This is a very fun way to kick off the school year in the right direction.  I was very proud of Pickle stepping up to lead a Hail Mary.  He is growing into a young man and it is cool to watch.  He loves his faith and loves to share it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lets Play Mass

I am not sure any of them will ever make it as priests considering play Mass ended with an all out brawl!  God love these kids, I know they love him.  I can only smile at them and I hope that is how God sees them.

Pooker Buys A Truck

 Dad and I are super proud of this girl.  All on her own she found and funded her own truck. 
It really is beautiful and she was sure to get something that she would be able to fit as many siblings in as possible. 

You go girl!  Dad and I are super proud of Pooker.  She is an incredible young woman.

Twin 2-year Old Twin Bavior

These kiddos are now 2 years old and they love to organize, sort and line things up.  We have had trains of cars, buckets and today diapers.  They got every last one out and made two rows not one.  - I wonder if that was a twin thing!?!-

 After a long day of building, filling, and organizing the twins cuddled up for a good book!

Sugar had been given a lotto ticket to celebrate her 18th birthday.  The fun thing was that one of her tickets was a winner. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

School is now is Full Swing

 Poor Pooker, all her playmates were now busy with the books. 
 Goobers is with some friends making tie dye shirts to celebrate the opening of school.
 We miss these guys when they head off to their college classes.
 Library time is a great way to start school with the younger ones.  Puzzles are the perfect school item for a two year old.
 Awe, they love Clifford.
 Back at home the younger crowd take all those books and make their own library.

School is fun in this house!