Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Laundry Is On Going!!!!

We walked into the laundry room on Tuesday morning to find our brand new (3week old) washing machine was unusable.  The glass front had cracked and a piece fell out.  This was pretty devastating considering it was our first brand spanking new machine in years.  After several days worth of phone calls a replacement is on order but will take another week or so to arrive.
So what do you do when your washing machine breaks and a new one will not arrive for another week and you have a butt load of kids?
We took almost every seat out to fit in all the piles of dirty laundry a week without a machine in our home will produce.  
It was everywhere.
We headed off to an Express Laundry Center and spent a fortune. I do love the mega machines and my special helpers. 
I was glad to have Princess and Bagel with me to help.  We had our work cut out for us, but they really did make the most of it. Even giving nasty faces when I was taking pictures.

I do love the mega machines they hold 7 louis per machine, isn't that awesome. 

I do adore the wall of dyers.
The girls even sorted the laundry as we brought back to the van.  They did such a great job and were pretty speedy.
We arrived home giving everyone their completely laundry to put away.  We worked hard but we did get 2 days worth of work done in about 3 hours.  Go us!  I can't wait to get my new - new machine soon.  

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Joy of Lasting Friendship

Our swim team friends, The Riley Family moved to Spain a few years back but they still come to visit.

We had a blast meeting up with them that other night.  It was so much fun!  It is awesome having friends that can be miles and miles away but then when they visit we start off where we are before.

True friends don't need to see each other every week to know that they will always be friends.  This is a family that we just know will be there with us through life.  We might only see them for a few minutes each year but we pray for each other the rest of the time.  They make the world a better place where they live and we try to do the same in our corner of the world.  These are friends that are true treasures in the garden of life.

Summer Woes

I hate summers here in Houston.  I know that you don't find that as a surprise.  I get overwhelmed and actually depressed by the never ending heat.  I don't hate all summer.  Hot weather has a purpose but when it lasts so long it get bad.  I get upset when people say, "Duh it's hot, it is summer."  I don't mind the heat but I find it hard when it comes and never ends.  I miss the weather I grew up with, I miss the four seasons.  I also hate that the heat is so overwhelming.  It isn't just over 90 for a few weeks, it is over 100 for a few weeks.   

Yep it is hot, laugh with me because at this point that is all I can do.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Jumba's Carnival Birthday

The bigger kiddos planned a fun and exciting day for Jumba.  Knowing that the gold course had to be kept off the main road, Sugar and Pickle spent hours moving old logs around to create a course for the gold cart in the back yard. 

They also set up games all over the property, including football field in the front yard.

He was thrilled and knows how loved really is!

Adorable - Beautiful


Today ended up being warmer than yesterday 104, so around 1:30 mom demanded that they change plans and they decided to head to the movies.
They came back to the house for pizza and cookie cake.

Happy birthday JUMBA!  We love you very much!