Friday, January 8, 2016

Twins Are Always There For Each Other

Twin Adorable tries to turn on the bathroom light when she walks in the room.  She can't reach so she laments to her sister,
"I can't reach the light Gop-Ka!"

When you have a twin there really isn't any reason to worry.  Twin Beautiful responded right away with a solution, 
"Don't worry Ga-Ko you can stand on me!"
I wish I had a twin.

They really come in handy.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Day Full of Play

Unlike other visits we were able to hang out at the house.  (We don't have any dogs here yet so no allergies prevented father, and his allergies, from hanging with us.)    

 The day started at morning Mass, then a yummy breakfast, lots of games and adventures on a golf cart, big yummy dinner thanks to J, a house blessing, and we ended the day with another epic round of spoons.
 Mr. W and C are new to this game.  Good luck boys.  Be warned, Fr. Tom takes this way to seriously.  We are worried that we will loose a spoon or two, no worries as long as we don't loose any people.  LOL but I am serious!

The girls are now huge Fr. Tom fans.  They were pretty bummed to have to say goodbye.  I love that we have so many kiddos and we can have this kind of fun for decades to come.

Blessing the New Home

Time to bless the new home.  Fr. Tom was here for the feast of the epiphany but we could not get all the kids together so we waited one day. 

 Father Tom is one of our best friends in the world.  He knows that we in the T family use every moment we can to teach.  He decided to bless the salt and then the water as part of the ceremony to teach the kiddos.  We had some Holy water already but we blessed it again and added to our supply.
 The ceremony for a new home blessing can be found at this link.
 It is just so cool having a priest in the family.

 The tradition of the Epiphany Blessing is explained in this link.

It is all official now.  Our new family home is blessed.  We have had the demons expelled (hopefully there were not any) and the house was promised to a home for the faithful.  J marked the front door with all the kids watching.  This home is so much more than just a building for our family.  We will serve the Lord by loving and caring for each other in this home.  We have now idea was the future holds, but to me this picture shares with you our promise to give that future to the Lord.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fr. Keller comes for a Visit

We were so happy to have the visit.  We love being able to show the new house.  As usual a Fr. Tom visit means a fun adventure.  We decided to go bowling.  

We discovered that the twins are cursed with a true T-family trait.  They are perfectionist and did not want to try to bowl at all because they didn't think they would be good at it.

After much persuasion and encouragement the twins agreed to try.  Twin Beautiful would only try upside down and backwards.  Pooker helped her to do just that.

That sparked something and then they crazy bowled the rest of the afternoon.
Onto the pool tables.  That was until we until we went back to bowling.  

Father's visits always mean a fun time.  Today wasn't any different.  We had a good time together.