Tuesday, September 10, 2019

September is Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month

Open Hearts ~ The ColorStreet foundation strip with proceeds supporting The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Some stats from the year 2017: 1,400,000 attempts with 47,173 deaths. Suicide is highest amount middle age white men. Average of 129 suicides per day. All of this makes suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. Please join me in praying for all individuals, their families and friends affected!

I love Color Street. They give to best of organizations. I am proud to help support this by selling the strip called Open Hearts. This is $13 purchase only.
Click here to link to the site to purchase your own set of Open Hearts Nail strips.  The color is more beautiful in person than on screen. I can't wait to wear mine.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Bye M and Confirmation Party

Mary had to be rushed right to the airport and was unable to celebrate with us.  We are going to miss having her with us. Special thanks to our dear friend who was Bagels sponsor and will hopefully come back to SLU in the fall.

Nanny missed the Confirmation but rushed over after to celebrate with us.

Not a lot of pictures. . . probably took way too many over the passed through weeks as our schedules would show.

I did grab another one with my friends. These two put up with everything and are there with me no matter what. Thanks ladies for always having my back.

WE ask God keeps Bagel close to his heart today and always.

Bagel is Confirmed

So this young lady is begin Confirmed today. We are so excited for her. Here in St. Louis it is the norm to be confirmed in 8th grade so she has prepared at home and will be confirmed with people she doesn't know. This is very different from what we were used to in Houston. I am so exited for her. She picked the beautiful Miss Mary B as her sponsor. (Mary stayed in St. Louis for the week so she could be at the ceremony.)
My kiddos take the saint picking very seriously. This was hard to Bagel. So man of the saints are "taken" by her family members all ready. She looked long and hard to find a unique saint that we had not heard of. Goobers sent her this article on St. Eulalia and Bagel was hooked.  Something about fiery tempers laughter her eye. She learned that this Holy women was from he very early church and the time of the evil Roman emperor Diocletian.

There are two devotions that are very similar yet different from different locations. There is a devotion to St. Eulalia of Barcelona and St. Eulalia of Merida. It is now thought that they are actual devotions to the same young women with some of the details being confused. 

Congratulations to our precious BAGEL! May God bless today and always. WE all ask the St. Eulalia watch over you and pray for you.
Come Holy Spirit!