Thursday, April 23, 2015

The "Mean Dad"

The big kids are playing on the structure, and continues playing a game the rest of our visit.
While I sat close the twins climbed in and out of the log and then on and off of the kiddie structure.
That was until a very aggressive dad of Summer and April decided to yell at the twins.  I write this days later but the sting of that moment is still there.  The twins were climbing up and down and being twins.  If you have a set you will understand.  They help each other climb by offering a body part, any part to assist each other.  Adorable had just helped Beautiful up onto the platform by offering her foot out, Beautiful grabbed her foot and pulled herself up.  When this other young child of the overprotective parent saw Adorable offer her foot out to Summer - a timid girl of about 2 1/2 (think she was just months younger than the girls) all calm was gone.  I saw this as it was happening and didn't react because I knew what Adorable was trying to do; she was trying to help Summer up the same way she had helped Beautiful.  The dad was standing at a different angle and assumed Adorable was going to kick his daughter off, even though they had been playing nicely together for 20 minutes.  He screamed at the top of his lungs and charged at Adorable, "NO, NO, NO!  STOP THAT NOW! YOU DON'T DO THAT! SHE CAN CLIMB UP TOO! YOU DON'T GET TO BE IN CHARGE! . . (and other things that I can't remember." I understand he was afraid for his daughter but to say he over reacted is a MAJOR UNDERSTATEMENT.  Parents especially moms came running from all over the park to offer assistance to what they must have assumed was an adult hurting a child.  They were all as stunned as I was to see this grown man hovering over the twins and yelling at them with all his might.  I sat still for a minute trying not over react myself.  I dismissed calling the police for help because I really didn't want to traumatize the twins more but I instantly felt so sorry for Summer and April (the 15 month old baby sister). Princess and Bagel got the girls before the man was done yelling and just grabbed them away from him.  The boys were right there as well, ready for action if needed.  I think dad realized how obnoxious he was right away but the moment was still very awkward.  Then Beautiful came running at me telling me about "The mean dad." and then Adorable, once safely in my arms, let out a loud cry and then whimpered non stop for about 10 minutes.  The dad told me from a distance (probably good on his part - Momma Bear was holding a crying baby) that she was probably upset because he raised his voice at her.  I calmly told him that I was well aware of his yelling as were all of the bystanders.  I felt so protected actually.  I think all those other parents would have defended any kid from that dad if needed.  I tried to calm Beautiful while holding a sobbing Adorable by telling her that I knew that Adorable didn't do anything wrong but that Summer's dad must have misunderstood because of where he was standing.  I said it loud enough for all those watching to hear, including the "mean dad".  I told her that I was sure that "Summer's daddy just over reacted because he thought Summer might have been killed by a kick and fall of one foot."  Yes I was being obnoxious but it was better than the other side of momma bear coming out.  The dad knew it too.  I think he wanted to stand his ground and let Summer and April play on the playhouse but they were too embarrassed and quietly walked over to the bike contraption and climbed in.  The dad got on the bike and as he left said,  "I hope you enjoy the rest of your time here." (I couldn't help but think - where is your apology to this little girl who has not yet caught her breathe from sobbing.)  I said, "Thank you but for now we are just in damage control, you have good night."  When he road off Beautiful stood up and waved saying, "BYE BYE MEAN DAD!"  It might be wrong of me but I didn't correct her.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Co-Op Week 16

The kids are learning so many things at co-op.  To be honest they are not all things I want them to learn but it is ok for two more times.
I love seeing Jumba sitting there working hard on his map.  I hate the uniforms though.  I have individuals not clones.  I guys that is just me, others like it so much.
Princess does not look happy today.  LOL  I don't think she is mad or sick just not giving us a smile.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Rock Climbing

Princess and Bagel went rock climbing with some friends.  The dad from the L family sent me some pictures of Princess's ability.  She is quit the climber.

You go girl!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

ARCH Conference

ARCH Sponsored Catholic Homeschool Conference was a blast. I owe my thanks for inviting me in as a speaker and vendor. It was an honor and a lot of fun.

I was asked to be a "vendor" and set up a booth.  I was wanted to be present to chat with people.  It was like having coffee with me in my living room . . . well without all the kids running around and the laundry piled up.  Considering I love to chatting with people this was a great set up.  I really enjoyed interacting with people about their fears, their goals and their excitement in homeschooling.   

J wanted me to look professional and be the part so he had a banner for me and had my blog titles and covers put on it along with the Catholic Coffee Club logo and my head shot.  I was so supported!  

There was a lot of activity at the convention this year with many vendors.

And then I had my support crew.  Sugar, Possible and Goobers came with me.  They helped make coffee and talk with people.
Goobers also got some homework done.
One of my favorite parts was meeting a few members of the Holy Heroes family after we watched their videos all during lent.   It was a treat to see see them in person.

My talk was titled "Purposeful Homeschooling."  I talked about our family motto, "The goal is heaven and everything else is gravy" and how that motto has helped us to stay on track through the years.
I love public speaking and really enjoyed meeting several of the families after my talk.  I guess it went well, except that after hearing my introduction that included a reminder to turn off cell phones I was mortified when my phone went off.  I turned the ringer on when I thought I was turning it off.  UGH!  The conference is offering the talks for sale on their website.
I do want to thank my dear friend who invited me to speak and who believed in my abilities and message enough to give me a chance.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Could I Be More Proud?

NO I COULD NOT!  The Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship is a scholarship offered to college students that are living the pro-life message within their college years and sharing the movement.  As you all know my college age kiddos have helped get a pro-life group started on their community college campus.  Bear was instrumental is seeing this get done.  When he expressed interested in applying for this scholarship I was very proud that he was just realizing that he is called to work to protect the lives of the helpless unborn.  Just like our faith is not one for his, but his own faith I see the pro-life movement as no longer being something that dad and I try to instruct Bear in but one that he has taken on as his own.
I don't know what all this means as far as a scholarship goes at all.  I am just so proud that he was named as the recipient for Lone Star.  More information on this can be found at the Texas Right To Life Website.
Bear will go places in this world.  I know that.  This is just a small example of how he will take on the world and share his understanding with others.

I want to point out that our dear friend Tabby-Kat also was awarded this fellowship for her college at Angelo State University.  I am her Confirmation sponsor after all.  I just could not be more proud of these two.  The world is a better place with this next generation.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fire in Neighbors Home

We awoke to endless numbers of fire trucks coming down the street.  It was a little after midnight and the parked at the end of the street.  Many of the neighbors all piled out of our houses in our PJ's.  We were all praying for the family whose whom was burning and thankful it wasn't our home.  We were outside for about 3 hours and honestly enjoyed the unexpected time to talk with neighbors.  We are surrounded by good people. 

The next morning we heard more trucks.  The amazing and diligent firemen had to return because of a "flare up".  This time it only took an hour to get it under control.
 The neighbors had quit a bit of damage but everyone was safe.
 After the fire was out the kids were given hats.  We thanked the firefighters for keeping us safe.

 Adorable is showing us how big the fire house was! 
Beautiful - new neighbor - Adorable

 We had to send dad a picture because he was out of town on business.  The twins did not want to look at camera.  Silly girls.
Jumba - Adorable - Beautiful - Bagel

Sunday, April 5, 2015

More Easter Fun . . . Also Opening Day

We went to spent the afternoon with some friends and the kids couldn't resist another photo op, until Bear tried to send Jumba over. 

After all the Easter fun and Egg hunts the Cubbie fans in the house cuddled up in a Cub Blanket to watch the season opener of the 2015 Baseball season.

Baseball is back.  Go Cubs!