Friday, June 24, 2016

Bear Visits St. Gregs

This young man has decided that he is going off to St. Gregory's for college.  Orientation was at the same time as all the other crazy stuff that was happening.  He took Pickle and Goobers with him to help him register and fun stuff like that.

The twins sent them off with extra waves.

These 3 together are a little scary.  I am sure they are having a blast.  

Otter Making and Delivery

We invited the coaches and some of the board over to help us make all the Otters this year.  The W family and the B family joined in the fun.  We even had Miss Brenda visit from St. Louis.  We put her right to work.  Kat helped with several Otters as well.
If our fellow Otters are going to swim in the post season invitational meets, we make them an Otter to celebrate and cheer them on.  We then deliver them in the dark of night to be a surprise when the swimmers wake up and take off to the events.

So many Otters means that we all have fun with delivery.
We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the other coaches, Miss Brenda, The Bannon girls, and Christopher from the W Family.  They helped get the job done.

This year I was caught on a family's surveillance camera.  The kids all got a kick out of that one.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Otter Award Night

Another summer swim league has come to an end.  We had a blast this year.Sugar was a great coach along side Bear.  

The silly coaches are sporting their mohawk hair that they refuse to cute off until after the post season swim events.  

Way to go Jumba, Coach Sugar is very proud of you!  We all are!

Bear, Possible, Princess, and Jumba all getting their 2 year shirts.

Bagel got a shirt too, but didn't stand with the rest of them.

Love that goofy face!
It was such a hot afternoon.  The kids all enjoyed celebrating the end of season with their peers and each other.
After the formal part of the evening the swim competition began.  Each coach devised their own teams and the race was on.

In the end it was a fun night.

The season is all about the friends, oh and the swimming.