Thursday, November 15, 2018

SNOW (Only Lasted one day) FUN

This is the storm you could see coming.  The cloud line was very noticeable. The clouds came into town the afternoon before and then the snow started at bed time. 

We woke up ready to play.

The huskies LOVE playing in the snow. It gives them energy. They played like this all day and whined when we made them come back inside.

It was a beautiful snow.  We were prepared this time with snow shoes and water proof gloves. All of the children had a blast. We will be doing double school work tomorrow but it was worth it for today!.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Enough Snow to Play!

We all enjoyed the snow falling, especially the dogs.  Here they are a little muddy. We had to bring them inside and let them whine at the door until there was enough snow on the ground to keep them from getting too muddy.

Our first snowman of the year was a tiny one, thank you Princess.  I think Jumba ended up using it against me later.

Sugar ended the day by taking Jumba with her to Lindenwood so he could try the sled on their hills.