Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Certificate Got Here

 Bear is back to visit for one night!  We are all so excited.  He was able to open his mail and his diploma was in it.  It is for an associates.  Way to go big guy, now on to the bachelors.

Not really new news but we are all super proud of this young man!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Flying the W!

Cubs beat the Giants to be the National League Division Champs. Now onto claim the entire National League. Look out world here comes the Cubs.

Goobers had this to say:
I absolutely love my father!đŸ’™ #FlyTheW Mom sent us this message in our family group! Cub love all the way from Texas @chicagocubsnation Go Cubs Go!

Of course we hoped that this would be a more permanent thing so we create a spot for the W flag.  Go Cubs Go!
This spot can be a little more long term.  We can fly the flag at every win!  Yeah!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Coffee at Luke's

Netflix plans to air a 4 part reunion show for Gilmore Girls.  This is a show that I watched with Pooker and Goobers back in the day.  They have subsequently watched them with the sisters as they have come of age.
So my girls are all preparing for the big event in November by re-watching all the old episodes.  Netflix is hosting a free coffee day in honor of 'Gilmore Girls'.   Free coffee was found at all the Luke's Diners that appeared for a few hours on October 5th.

Pooker and Goobers headed out to find a local Luke's.  I love their sense of adventure. 
They invited me and all the girls but I couldn't make it work.  I only hope that we can all be together in November for the recap reunion episodes.  I love my girls and I am uber proud of them.  

These two are so beautiful.  Off to re-watch some Gilmore Girls so we can enjoy!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

SHSU Plays Football at NRG Stadium

HEB sponsored this game, meaning they had extra tickets for their employees to enjoy.  Goobers scooped up a few more tickets and had a blast with her siblings.  

 Pooker works as a EMT for the nRG stadium.  She was at that game and took this picture below from the back.  I love when my kids are caught together.
Goobers with some of her friends.

Making Our Own Amulets

 Sofia the First is a big deal around this house.  The girls are loving the story and share at pretending to be here.

I decided that this Sunday afternoon we would try to make our own amulets.  The idea was that they would be nothing like Sofia's but they would still be special.   

These homemade amulets were fun but didn't last that long.  Unfortunately our glue didn't hold long. Their smiles did.  These two are so funny.  They make things like this so much fun!  Life is better with this silly willies in it.

Dog Blessing

In honor of the feast of St. Francis the parish had a blessing for the pets of the parish.  Maybe this could help our crazy dogs.  

I pray that Bennie and Burke become all that they can and all that we need them to be.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mom of Twin Moment - Make Me

Twin conversation:  
Mom: why the bleep is there water all over the floor. 
Adorable: Gop-Ka thought it would help get the glue off.
Mom: what are you talking about
Beautiful: Ga-Go tried to lift Moses with glue (as I notice an empty bottle of glue)
Mom: start cleaning it up, I don't even want to know what you are talking about.
Beautiful: but it is too sticky, we can't get it off
Adorable: I guess we should have used stick glue.
Mom: No you should Not have touched the glue-either one!!! We have talked about this before.
Beautiful: I don't know what to do we got the glue off but. It the sticky
Adorable: Moses feels good on my feet now that he is sticky
Beautiful: let me try
Mom: I give up
Twins in unison: "I am toe torry mom!" They say sorry with a "t".
I will post this now so later I can remember why I was so mad at them and why my entry why "is toe ticky!(so sticky)!!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Saint Michael - Our HERO

Our friends asked us to join them at the park to celebrate our hero St. Michael.  What I love is that this was kid driven activity.  The young ones wanted to see their friends and to celebrate this awesome angel.

Note the Cub jacket on precious baby!!!

New baby in the H family.
One of the B girls drew this picture to give to her brother.  I just lobe her art work.

These two had a blast and while the rest of us were resting from a morning at the park they were filling up on straight sugar.  Crazy kiddos.