Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's Day Dinner

Slow cooking ribs smelled so good all day. It was wonderful when it was time for dinner. 

Everything was so yummy. I loved having many of my babies around me for dinner. I just adore my people.

Ok this proves that the kids know me so well!
Today was a wonderful day!  Happy Mother's Day, may God bless each of you as he has for me!

Friday, May 8, 2020

Tea Party

Twin Beautiful ~ Twin Adorable

So a tea party was planned and prepared for. The twins sent invitations they went to the big kids and their friends. Do-Lo was the guest of honor. It was planned as soon as we were allowed to have gatherings.

While we discussed the news that the baby was fine and Pooker was not in labor, the twins sat by the door waiting to greet their guests.  Pooker and JavaJava dressed and attended the party via phone while dad and mom were banished to the upstairs. 

A great tea party was had by all. The interesting thing is that these two 7 year olds were able to get grown men dress up to have tea with them. I am impressed. Love these people!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Dad's Hair


One of the fun things that has been happening around here is that the twins have enjoyed fixing dads hair.

Dad stocked up on treats to reward his hair dressers before we were on lock down. Twin Beautiful will work very hard for those treats.

Where to Stand

Every where you go there are lines on the floor and notes about where to stand, and how to social distance. 

If we were able to rename church then we would be able to back to church.
Just stand behind the blue markers.

This one is history in the making.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Sunday Fun!

We all sit around waiting for the big news from Pooker. So far no news. Poor Pooker is due to have that baby's any time. The kids sat around, chatted while dad cooked dinner, talked to TX and then played some waffle ball! 

Dinner was delicious! Yum!

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Brothers Building A Fence

 We have had a few fence pieces fall down. I love watching the boys fix the fence. They do almost everything together. Pickle is teaching Jumba, always. It is so cool to watch!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Sticks is 21

Happy Birthday Sticks! It was so fun to participate in this trendy way to celebrate a birthday! The car train is so popular and allows us to wish happy birthday but doesn't require a ton of time. We allowed Sugar and Possible to stay out and spend time with their guys, even though lockdown didn't lift for us for a few more days. These kids have been locked up at home or babysitting or teaching swimming. Same people small areas, they needed to social again. There were so many cars lined up, and the group was led by a fire engine. I was glad to talk to Sticks later and hear him say that this was one of the best birthdays he has ever had. 

Happy Birthday Sticks!

Now Things are Changing Again

I continue working on blog posts - the stay at home social distancing posts of our different life. I wanted to write as I was feeling the hurt and fear. It is part of where we are and If this time is going to make us better we need to understand what it was.

I must say that my anxiety is now growing. I was ok when I was told we needed to hunker down. Now the idea of sending the kids out into the world again has me a little sad and a little scared.
Groceries stores change from week to week, with new restrictions added to shoppers constantly. More barriers between people and cleaning stations at the entrance. I hate being told to put my mask on.

The news is telling us that there are supply chain issues for food.

My husband is still not traveling and I like that. How soon will that change?

My first Grand baby is due to be born ANY MINUTE and we are trapped hundreds of miles away. I want to be there for my daughter and I wanted to have helped her in these weeks before the baby. I wanted to pamper her but we are in a new world right now. Praying for sure! Praying for everyone. I miss Pooker and her husband JavaJava so very much, especially as their first wedding anniversary approaches.

I also miss Bear. We get to watch him at daily Mass that is being streamed and that is wonderful.  He is also organizing a morning show that is shared on Facebook. Check it out by clicking here.  I get to see him 3 times a week and pray with him everyday at the Mass. I am scared we will loose that connection to him.

The other kids have been forced to be around mom and dad. We have been forced to work on puzzles together. We have been forced to make meals and eat together all the time. We ate together three or four times a week before but now we are at 7 days a week. When someone is at work, we miss them. I don't want to loose that.

I look around at all the places of employment that are closing and those that I suspect will not make it. My heart sinks. My kids are lifeguards and coaches; but summer pools are not planning to open this summer.

Missouri is announcing "opening" under huge restrictions. We will need to leave name and address to enter stores. Our temperature taken to enter restaurants. Limited number of people allowed in all of these places. Forcing many of them to loose ever more money. How will they survive?

Then we turn to church. Pooker doesn't want us to visit baby until we can go to Mass together. It doesn't look like that will happen for a very long time. The idea of going to church for Mass and being told to go home because they have met their quota will break me. I miss our Lord in communion. I miss the normal Sunday Mass.

I am not wanting to be a "Debbie Downer" here, I am just wanting to record my feelings. Yeah, we might open and but I am fearful of the newer normal.

So I have learned to recite this over and over again the past two months. I was reminded last month when we were blessed to be able to go to Confession privately and then again on divine Mercy Sunday.  It does help and I do believe! So many things out of my control. I need to continue to be the best me I can be and constantly say,

"Jesus I Trust In You!"