Sunday, August 2, 2015

Michael Gormley (Gomer)

Have you ever heard this man speak.  It is worth your time, I promise.  We call him Gomer, and he has been a part of our lives for about ten years now.  

He has gone from being our local youth minister to be accomplished speaker.  I can't recommend any speaker more strongly that this guy.
To find out more about  Gomer visit his website: Lay Evangelist. 

He is now a international Catholic speaker, hired to give talks at Steubenville conferences and parish missions all over the US and Canada.

Don't worry, you don't have to fly to Houston to hear him.  Houston is so hot in the summer I know you don't want to visit.  
Mike visits many parishes for mission talks.  You might get lucky, he might be coming to a parish near you.

Michael Gormley is very gifted in his speaking talents.  I always learn so much from hearing him.

His passion for our Lord comes across in his talks.  He is humble and funny.  The talks are educational and entertaining.
Gomer even has appeared (briefly in a documentary) on EWTN.

Do I have your interest yet?  I hope I do.  The GREAT news is that you don't have to visit Houston in the heat, get lucky and catch Michael at a local parish or even fork over lots of money to hear this talented speaker. Gomer is different that most speakers, he has made many of his talks available to the public through FREE podcasts.

Michael has been sharing his talks for years and has quit a collection to share.  Join me in listening to them by downloading the SOUNDCLOUD app on any apple or android device or just create an account on your computer here.  The apps are free to download.  It might be cooler to use iTunes but I have listening to his talks this way for years.   Once you get the app or to the website, sign in and then follow AMDGomer.  

Remember it isn't AMDG or Gomer, you must put the two together to be "AMDGomer".  Once you do you will have access to over 55 talks.  They are all good.  I really recommend "We are all Gomer Now."  It isn't what you would expect, but fabulous.  

Mike had this to say about his new apple podcasts:
"On to more important news, my podcast is now searchable on iTunes. It's the only "Explicit" tag you'll see in the Religion category, right Joel Olsteen?"
Click here or the picture to find Gomer on Apple.

To find out more about Michael Gormley you can visit his website: Lay Evangelist.  We are all called to spread the word.  Gomer is taking that seriously and trying to help us to do that as well.  On his site you can find book reviews and recommendations and many of his talks, his blog posts are also a wealth of information.

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