Sunday, May 31, 2015

You Are In the Dog House

If we have talked lately you would know that J promised to find a better solution to the dogs being in my laundry room all the time and hasn't not done this yet (well it has only been 8 years).  I mad the family go look at me really cool outdoor kennels the other day.  They have heating and cooling so the dogs would be living the high life really.  I could not resist taking pictures of my foolish kiddos pretending to be the dogs.  

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Otters VS Stars

Another swim meet.  If you are counting this is number 3 out of 5!  The kid did great this week.  We had Bagel break a record on a rely.  Her swimming goal has always been to break a record so we are thrilled for her.  It was so close that we were not even sure they did it until later that afternoon when the official times were finally posted.  We celebrate with ice cream.  Jumba also had a great swim day swimming the fly without being DQ'ed he finally got his kick down.  Possible, Princess and Pickle also had great swim days.  I love the atmosphere of this team.  The meet was crazy like they all are, yet it felt comfortable.  The teams were not so big that we could not enjoy the time and we were finished by 1:15.  We had a big meal at a local restaurant and were headed home as our old team was just leaving the pool after 3:30.  We all won the meet by only 7 points, again we didn't know until alter in the day.  I like that the coaches talk to each swimmer when they finish there is such  team spirit.  Even the twins enjoyed some time with friends.

Congrats good swimmers!