Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back-up camera is back - not good news!

As you can see in these pictures that my news wasn't good yesterday. I was so excited when I got a phone call after 4 weeks that my expensive back-up camera was back at Best Buy for pick up. I have been using a very cheap $69 camera. After all of the high quality cameras I have used I really hate this cheap little thing. It sucks the battery juice (I use rechargeable AA's), it takes a super long time between possible pictures, and it is hard to get the correct set up. I have been camera spoiled for sure.
My nice Cannon Rebel is broken. We dropped it at Pooker's volleyball came after getting it back from Best Buy repair. Dropping is not covered for the expensive lenses insurance so I obviously am not ready for that camera. That is OK I still have (HAD) my very expensive Sony Cybershot. It was very compact. Not my favorite camera either but it was still nice and I got very comfortable with it.
Apparently we bought the wrong kind of insurance when we purchased this puppy. It didn't include accidental. Why would I have ever bought it then? UGH!!! Now a days Best Buy insurance automatically includes an accidental default clause. That was not the case in 2006 when I purchased this nice camera. The cost to repair was greater than the cost of the camera, nothing was covered so I am stuck with another unusable broken camera. What to do with this one. I let the boys at it. They had a blast looking at it from the inside out.
I am going now to mourn my camera losses.

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  1. Oh no! I can only imagine your pain. I love cameras and I would be so sad if mine was broken!

    Loved the pictures of the boys tearing apart the camera. My fiance does the same thing with broken electronics!


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