Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Would you like a Taco this Halloween!?!

So every Halloween this crazy bunch comes up with an idea and they run with it.  This year was no different.  We all talked about this for ever and then that morning they did it all.  It took everyone's help but they decided to be the sauce packets that Taco Bell offers with the funny random sayings.

Adorable - Beautiful
These two cuties were all ready for their first Halloween wearing very appropriate shirts.  "Don't Scare Me!  (I Poop Easily.)"

Pooker with Jumba doing the face painting






Sugar - Princess

Adorable - Beautiful

Dad "So Glad I'm Not Ketchup"
Mom "Taco Mama"
Pooker "Don't Play With Fire"
Goober "I Should Have Been A Hot"
Bear "Does This Packet Make Me Look Sexy?"
Sugar "Goes With Anything"
Possible "Take Me to Your Taco"
Pickle "Drew Brees Likes Mild"
Princess "Who Needs Buffalo Sauce?"
Bagel "Too Hot To Handle"
Jumba "Spicy Boy"
Adorable "It's Better"  Beautiful "With Two"
We then got to have some neighbors sit around the fir pit with us as the kids all went Trick or Treating.  Fun night!

I hope that your Halloween was as much fun as we did that night!  Now I am off to go eat a taco.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Sugar and Pooker

 Oh Man she isn't too sure about this.
 She is better after we clean her off and got her out of the cold wet pumpkin.
 I love those big blue eyes and that lip that is about to curl.
Bracing it with a towel did help.
Beautiful - Adorable
This was their first pumpkin carving day.
In the end our pumpkins turned jack-0-lanterns turned out to be very cute.

Monday, October 29, 2012

They are Home - Celebration

Adorable in Sugar's arms and Beautiful in Goober's arms

We were so happy to all be together again.  We went to Chuy's, our favorite Mexican restaurant and shared stories.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Will They Ever Get Back?

After two weeks we all were a little on edge.  We talked to the kids in St.Louis.  They stayed up there one more day to visit with everyone while we just sat at home and waited for them to arrive.  We missed them so much.
Beautiful reaches over to comfort Adorable
 This picture captures a twin thing that I am seeing more and more.  If one baby is crying the twin will reach to touch the other one.   They don't poke or pick at each other but hold hands a lot.  I love watching this develop.
Possible with Adorable

 Still the most fun we had was talking with the big kids.
 Pickle and Possible head to a Middle-School (Homeschool) Halloween Party as Indiana Jones and as an Officer.
Adorable - Beautiful
 The twins are still as close as can be while they wait for the big kids to get home.
.This last shot was what this crazy crew looked like on the other end of Skype.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Before Leaving St. Louis

The crew got back to St. Louis and had to have one last adventure with Fr. Tom that this time included their March For Life Friends from the B Family.

I hear it was a very cold morning for zip lining but that didn't stop this crew.  They enjoyed the views over the trees with all the leaves in full color as they zipped past at high speeds.
Neither dad nor Father Tom have even grown up, so these young people had a blast.  I know the kids were glad to have Brendan and Katie enjoying the morning with them.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Miss B Heads Home

Adorable - Bagel - Beautiful

Adorable - Beautiful

At Inway Park with Miss Brenda and Beautiful on left and Adorable on Right

Adorable - Beautiful
Beautiful - Miss Brenda - Adorable
Lots of Twin time before Miss Brenda headed home.  We had so much fun during her visit we can't wait until she comes back.  Thanks for playing with us!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Last Night in Rome

The last night in Rome the group was treated to a talk and time with the renown Cardinal. Raymond Burke is the current Cardinal  Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.  I hear that it was a great honor to meet this very holy man that happens to hold a position of great importance in our wonderful Church.  He is close to Fr. Tom and that is how the meeting happened.  I love that in this picture we are reminded that it is all about Christ as Cardinal Burke's Cross is shinning as the focal point it should be.  What a wonderful way to end this Year of Faith Pilgrimage.  

Wednesday Papal Audience

I hear that The Texas T group broke from their travel companions today and went back to the Vatican to be at the General Audience. I didn't hear any other details but I can't wait to hear their stories.  The pictures and quote are just pulled from the internet.  I just can't wait to get the scoop.

The Holy Father concluded in his words for the Wednesday General Audience for Oct 24, 2012: "The faith is a gift of God but it is also a profoundly free and human act. ... It does not run counter to our freedom or our reason. ... Believing means entrusting oneself in all freedom and joy to God's providential plan for history, as did the Patriarch Abraham, as did Mary of Nazareth".
Today is their last day in Rome.  They will get to bed tonight and wake early for their long ride home.  They will arrive back in the United States on Thursday.  My kiddos will visit with family in St. Louis and come home on Sunday.  Those of us that were left here in Houston to hold down the fort are really getting anxious to the rest of the family.  (Other than a missing them we are doing great.)  Please continue to pray that all the pilgrims arrive home safely.    

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Peek Into Their Pilgrimage

This is the Texas group that would include my family plus Kat and her dad and Mr. D and his son Greg all with Fr. Tom Keller.  They are standing on The Rialto Bridge in Venice over looking the Grand Canal.  
 Their view!  Not bad.
 This next picture is full of my most favorite people in the world.
I miss them all so much.  I am tearing up as I type this.  They look so beautiful and so happy.  I miss them all.  From what I heard they all enjoyed Venice but not enough time to see everything  in Padua.
Tomb of St. Mark
J's business life for the past twelve years has centered around C-Stores or Convince Stores.  He knows this in the US market, especially in the South, inside and out.   So when he saw this C-Store  in between Venice and Le Verna he had to grab a shot.  This Espresso bar caught his attention.

This is the site where St. Francis received the stigmata in LaVerna Sanctuary and Pilgrimage Site in Tuscany.

 This is the spot where St. Francis died.
 This is outside the church with the hills in the back ground.  So beautiful!!!!!  They had Internet at this point and were able to share a few photos.  No such luck after that so no more pictures.  That will have to wait until they return home.  I hear that they all loved Assisi.  My hubby says that we will get an apartment there one day and spend some time there.  After they arrived in Rome he said that he will see it all now and never wants to go back.  He has not loved Rome.  It is a dirty big city according to him.  I can't wait to hear what the teens have to say.
The canonization was super crowded and J hates crowds.  He says that "You would think after two thousand years the Vatican would be better at crowd control."  The ceremony was nice but he thought we probably would get more out of it watching it on EWTN.  Again I can't wait to hear the kids thoughts in contrast to J.  So the short of it is that I miss them all so much.  I will have more to share but not until they arrive all the way at home.  I ask you to continue to pray for their safety and their travels.  We can ask all the Saints of Heaven especially the 7 that were added to the churches official roles last Sunday to pray for us.  I humbly ask St. Kateri to guide these special Americans home and to continue to show God's love to each of them.  St. Kateri, Pray for us!