Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve

The Klemmers always have their New Years Eve party.  We stayed that extra day so we got to join in the fun and interact with relatives again.

My oldest four and my cousin John's four kids used to hang out all the time together.  The twins are Bear's age, born one week before him.  We have great memories of parties, sleep overs and adventures.
After hugs and kisses goodbye we headed to crash and sleep fast.  We got back before midnight but it was just us.  We stopped at QT and got hot chocolate for the littles and Dani picked up a six pack of our favorite TX beer.

At midnight we sat with Miss Gabby and toasted the New Year and then offered prayers.  It was so heart warming to be so far from our Houston home and yet all packed a ready togo we were not home there, yet together we were home.  The prayers offered were for each other and our friends and family in both places.  Our resolutions were to go to confession more often and pray together and clean up our language.

Happy New Year People!  I pray that our 2015 is full of family and love just like 2014.

A family Fav

We talk bout it every time we travel.  We miss this food the most.  It is greasy but yummy.  The fries are so good.  We did't leave town the day we expected.  So our last day we took advantage of an afternoon free and enjoyed a familiar lunch.

We LOVE the shakes.

.  .  .  and the time together.

Hotel Fun

The bigger kids stayed with family but the little ones stayed at the hotel with mom and dad.  Too bad the twins didn't share the bed with mom.  We loved the breakfast every morning and access to the pool.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cousin Time

I grew up spending all my holidays and birthdays with these people.  As our families grew and I moved to Houston I never get the chance to see them.  Apparently a few of them try to have a get together every 3 or 4 months to catch up.  Who ever is in town gets together.  Even thought they had all seen each other on Christmas they mad sure to be there so I could visit to.  I am so blessed to have such a great family.  Cathy, thank for organizing and Bill I don't know why you are cut from the shot. Miss you all.  

Our Park

So if you have read the blog for a long time you would remember that J's grand father was the mayor of a small town in St. Louis area for years.  The town named the park after him.  I never met the man, he had died long before I met J.  Our kids love stopping by this place each visit.  They call it their park and while we don't own the park in anyway it is such a rush to see your family name on all the signs in the park.  

So very very cold this afternoon but we had to get the pictures. Yeah! T Family.

Love our Resto Time

J and his sister Erica have always been close.  J is her son George's God-father.  The kids love each other.  I had to set these pictures aside not because we love them more than anyone else but because the kids took so many goofy shots.  Love them all and needed to share. Family time is such a special time.