Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Keeping Cool

Childhood memories in the making.  

Decorate For Swim

This was fun to make.  It is hard to really see.  WE used swim team colors and other things to decorate.  I need to add more, maybe ribbons next summer . . . Now Swim fast little Otters!

Monday, May 29, 2017

My Precious Cake Bakers

Twin Adorable decorated with pink and Twin Beautiful used blue.  They picked the perfect cake.  I love how much they also love strawberries.  To them that is the best topper.  I love it!

Can I just say, "Yum!"

New Wreath

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Float Trip

Pooker organized a flood trip.  This young woman has a great since of adventure.  I love that about her but I can't keep up.  So we let her down in that we all didn't join in her fun.  Possible and Pickle were up for a day on the river.

Word is that they had a fabulous time.  Lost the cooler at some point and it's contents.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Otters Vs. Woodlands Hurricanes.

We are wrapped deep into the Swim season.  I love that now that the kids are older they head to the meets themselves and then J, the Twins and I join them with the food.  We do miss the beginning of the meet and the pouring of the Otter Pond water into the pool  Ollie is always there and the kids just love Ollie.  I have to share these pictures from other parents because they are so adorable.  

by Lucretia Latham 

by Lucretia Latham 

by Lucretia Latham 

by Lucretia Latham 

by Lucretia Latham 

by Lucretia Latham 

by Lucretia Latham 
Back at the T-Family camp we had several friends join us to cheer the teens on.

Chris was there to cheer them on.
Adorable being adorable with Bagel.

Sugar and her little ones.  Adorable and Beautiful are almost ready to swim across the pool.  Sugar works with them at every practice.

by Lucretia Latham 

Our most faithful fans are these two.  Pooker and Goobers love their siblings so very much.

by Catrin Childs

by Catrin Childs

My favorite photo of the day were taken by another mom.  She captured Bagel's passion for swimming.  She also caught her doing some right moves on the fly, not to mention the look she gave as she watched the other swimmers come in after her.  

by Michelle Combs
 I love these pictures so much.
by Michelle Combs

by Michelle Combs

Thursday, May 25, 2017

EMT Dinner to Honor Pooker

Pooker continues to work as an EMT part time for Harris County.  She works for the big events.  Harris County had their appreciation dinner for their EMTs.  Pooker wanted her dad to be her guest.

He later told me that it was a great night.  He got to listen to people tell him how much they love having Pooker around, what a great employee she is and how wonderful she works.  That kind of evening is a great one for a proud dad.  Good job Pooker!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Good Bye Mrs. W

Our parish has had a wonderful coordinator of confirmation.  The W family is moving north. Shelly W did a fabulous job and we will all miss her.  Our family had to go to the going away party.  We are all sad to see her go.  

 This women has changed our parish  in the most positive way.  There were so many people there to send her off and pray with her.
We wish you all the best Shelly.  All our love!