Thursday, June 2, 2011

Super Mom or Super Crazy

I do so much in a day and yet at the end it looks like nothing.  I have older kids that think I never clean the house and younger kids that wish I was gone more often.  If I am out shopping someone needs me at home but if I am home then complaints are heard that I never go shopping.    I am not complaining mind you.  I love my life and my family.  I just don't think anyone ever realized how much I do unless I don't do it.  I know I never thought my mom did much. 

Well I am posting to just say hello, I still have lots to say and many pictures to post.  I miss writing out my thoughts, it always helps me to see the big picture.  For now I am back to the car to move children around again, pick up a car from the shop, pick up a bike that was left somewhere . . .all while being thankful for dad preparing dinner.  Oh I think I will also call my mom and tell her thank you for all she did for me while I lived in her house.  I might not have seen it but now I know that she worked hard.