Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Shopping for New Years Party

The crew back at the house were cleaning and unpacking.  I had these three with dad to shop for our big last minute party.  

Twin Beautiful on left and Twin Adorable on the right.  (At least I think - they are trying to fool me again today!)
They were smooch help.  We saw 5 families we knew from church, swim teams and Bread Of Life.  I have never run into so many friends while shopping before.  I see that as a positive sign that we are in the right spot.  There is a peace about the location of new home.  It feels right, even at the grocery store.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Switching Things Up - On Purpose

It has started. The girls deliberately wore the other one's pj's last night so they could trick mom in the morning. They want me to call them by the opposite names. Goof balls. Twin Adorable is the one always in pink but she is wearing white and answering to Twin Beautiful. Today instead of wearing the white pj's Twin Beautiful is in pink and answering to Twin Adorable. 

Life with twins.

Jumba Got A IPod For Christmas

 . . .and he took lots of pictures.

 Twin Beautiful

 Twin Beautiful

 Beautiful again with Jumba

 More of Twin Beautiful
The day after Christmas is a day of extreme rest, can't you tell.  Well there is also some laundry.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas DAY!

Santa did make it!  We would get a chance to open those gifts after Mass.  Didn't this crowd look cute in the PJ's from Pooker.  
With all of our moving there was no way I was even a part of  creating the matching outfits for Mass. The girls did that as well.  So many traditions kept alive because of my wonderful children that were willing to do the shopping.
A friend grabbed some shots of us together at church.  I love how they turned out.

We have a cute bunch for sure.
We got to drive home next to this guy!

I just love this new dinning room.  There is more than enough space for all of us.  I am so thankful for all of these people in this picture.  The older two stayed over Christmas Eve and Christmas Night. I got to have all my babies in one home again.  We were all comfortable and enjoyed our time together as much as possible.
Christmas means so many things to other people.  We love that our faith brings us this joyous celebration that we experience at Mass and in the home.  Merry Christmas.  I hope that everyone in world knows the love of Christ.  I am especially blessed to know it this family time.