Sunday, October 25, 2009

All Saints Party

Every year our homeschool group has this wonderful event. A family that lives away from the city offers to host an All Saints Party. The children are to come dressed as their favorite Saint. The plan is to have the kids gather, parade around the home, play games at booths that the parents run, eat a pot luck and enjoy the company of some wonderful people.

What do you dress you kids up as when you decide two hours before the party starts? This was a hard one. I didn't have the time to create a costumes for each of the children's desired saint. I thought I would just make them all an angel and go from there. That wasn't to be. I couldn't find white wings anywhere. So here are my future saints.

We missed the parade, by just minutes. We parked and jumped out just in time to be on the first St. Paul's Journey Hay ride. In the end this was our favorite part. Thank you Mr. O.
Sugar was too old to wear her costume for more than the ride there. Jumba was annoyed by his shirt so off it came. Later he would wear his cap the entire time.
For a family of true city folk we really loved the tour of the property and then visiting with the Longhorns and then the chickens.

We quickly learned that those horns can hurt.

They were so cool.

When we got back another group took off.
Our second activity was in the prayer garden. The kids said a Hail Mary as they put stones down creating a rosary.

These two like the toss game. Go Bagel.

These moms were so creative and so cool. The cookie decorating booth was a big hit.

Jumba loved it.

We went fishing as well. So many of the original disciples were fishermen, we gave it a try.

Not as easy as it looked.

Our buddy C hung out with us most of the day. His dad and our dad were at the Texans Football game together.

This is the wife of Mr. O, the farm owners. She also ran a booth. St. Theresa the Little Flower's Rose toss. She was St. Elizabeth of Hungary. These people are so creative.

Here was St. Anthony's bin. The kids started by reciting a prayer to Saint Anthony to ask for help in finding something lost. They then went looking and he always helped them to find a special treat.

Face paining is always a big hit.

. . . Or hand painting.

Jumba spent his time waiting learning how to role in a somersault. He was so proud.

Sugar ended up with band aid. That is a perfect painting for any member of my family.

Some of us were ready for a craft.

Some were not ready just yet.

We arrived at home to the older three that were not with us. It was good to have all of my future saints together again. Thanks so much to my Bread of Life friends. This was a super fun day!

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