Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Matt Maher Concert 3

The parish was able to host a Matt Maher concert. This was a great event. Being in the school gym made for a very intimate venue. It was for fundraising for world youth day. In the end the Texas Ts are not going with this group (I will soon announce our alternate plans.) I still helped with the event.

In the end my job was just watching the door and controlling the line before allowing the mod inside the gym.

Rough job considering the first in line were my own kiddos.

I am still amazed at the crowd this event brought.

As expected Mr. Maher gave a wonderful concert.

A highlight was that our friends brought their very young foster baby. We loved time with this little guy. I should mention that Kat joined us as well.

Mr. Maher stayed around for autographs after the show as well.

Thanks for coming to the Woodlands Mr. Maher.

Monday, March 28, 2011

End of Sac Prep and Faith Formation

This preparation has not been the best. I personally feel that the parish program is a joke. That being said I do want to honor our Pastor and prepare the children according to the guidelines that the parish sets before us. We finished out final Sac Prep class on Sunday. I grew very angry when the director instructed the children how to receive communion on their hands and didn't even mention tongue. That is my hang up, I know. It does upset me.
Then onto our Faith Formation class. I think again that the program is a waste of time. We go to the class just during 2Nd grade year and I am not even sure it is worth that. We had teachers drop out, kids drop out and all kinds of crazy stuff. This small group is all that is left from our original class.
Just one boy with these four girls. They have a lot to be proud of. The put up with all kinds of adult drama to make it each week and do their best to prepare.
I am so happy that I was blessed to be a little part in their journey. Princess and Bagel have made good friends and have grown so much in their faith.
Please pray for these special little ones as they end their official study and begin to intensely prepare with their parents to receive Our Lord, Body, Blood, Soul, Divinity all wrapped up in one little piece of bread or drop of wine.

The parents are so thankful that the class has come to an end so that we can look forward to their special day. It is a great time for all involved. God Bless this special little group.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

1st Water fun of Season

"It was warm enough, we had friends over and the grass needed a good soaking." All these reasons helped to convince me to let them get the "slip and slide" out. That wasn't enough so out came the water balloon left over from Fr. Tom's visit.

Messy, wet and dirty kiddos. In the end they had a blast and so did Kat and C-man.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bluebonnets - A Texas Thing

Being here in Texas one of the must do things is taking Bluebonnet pictures.

I miss the fall leaves so much but the spring wildflowers make up for it a little bit.

There is something so beautiful about the random wild flower that offers so much color to it's surrounding.

Maybe it is just a Texas thing, but they do make for some great pictures.

Having such a large group means that it is hard to get everyone together. This year Pooker did not join us. While I miss that group shot of all the kiddos I still treasure the ones that I got.

Possible with mom.

Princess and mom.

Goobers and mom.

Sugar and mom.

Jumba being thoughtful.

Jumba being happy.








Possible and mom



Bagel and mom

All those pictures wore the bunch out.

My beautiful daughters.

My crazy daughters.

Add the boys.

Trying for the group shot.

Not trying any more.

Girls again.

My great looking kiddos

Love the Bluebonnets in between their boots.

Miss W went with us to get some shot of C.

It really was a great day for all these pictures. Not too hot and great looking people.