Saturday, July 23, 2011

Getting organized.

Years ago they told me that it would get worse as they got older.  I couldn't imagine how that would be true.  I had 4 small children that were very close in age and a husband that worked all the time.  How could it get worse.  Fast forward 15 or so years.  It isn't worse at all but I do miss the days when Bear would let me hug him and Pooker asked for my opinion but now a days it is hard to get everyone where they need to be.  I have resorted to this.  If it isn't on the chalk board, it doesn't happen.   .    .  Does it work?   Yes it helps but it isn't magic.  At least I know what I am up against when the day starts and people need to be everywhere at one time.

Baby gift - home made

One of the coolest things that the Bread of Life home school support group does is to honor every new life with a baby shower. The group hosts two showers a year and everyone is honored. Gifts are given only if you want. We sit and talk about the baby, our other children, our husbands and we pray for each other.   I like to make my gifts  . . . they are easy and fun.
I make religious burp clothes.
  I take cloth diapers and paint and image of Holy Mary on one and a Rosary on another.  My thought is that no matter what baby will spit up and it always seams to be worse at Mass.  Maybe it is because I am more nervous about the baby being quiet in a crowded church.   My nerves probably lead to the baby being a little upset and then burping is the natural response.  Because we are in church we need something appropriate to bur baby with, hence the religious looking burp clothes.  Not to even mention that I pray for the baby while making being creative.  I am always ask, "How did you do that?"  Well this is how . . .

I start with am very worn and used image of Holy Mary.  I go over it again and again with a pencil.
Once the image is dark it is flipped onto a clean , new cloth diaper. 

When you rub the back side of the image some of the pencil colored image rubs off onto the diaper.

The image always looks different at this point.  I usually do about 6 at a time and I am always amazed at how different she looks each time the image is transferred.
It is now time to iron the clothes.  This helps with the painting.

I love this part as Mary's image takes form.  I am always amazed at how different each one looks.  Some Marys are happy and some look serious.  It used to upset me but now I just think it is how each one is to look for who that cloth is going to.

The final product is rolled up and attached to a card.
It is then placed in the gift basket to be used by the new baby.  Congrats to my friends and enjoy making your own version with any image you want.

Friday, July 15, 2011

To hot to think!

For two months now the temperatures have been over 95° . This is so hard for me to deal with. The summer months here in Houston are sweltering . My kids have done many things and I'm proud of each of them . We have had a couple birthdays . We had a wonderful swim season. We even made a major purchase . Ideas are all around me and I miss blogging. To be honest though I find it incredibly difficult to think clearly when it is so hot all of the time .

I am sitting here preparing this at 12:15 AM we have just kicked out a slug that snuck in the back door .  It is still 84°.   No matter the time the air is humid and heavy . Some people love the hot climate I am just NOT one of those people . Some of my kids are.   The older three 3 lifeguards in the heat  105° every day . I find it awful to even be at the pool right now because the water is warm and you're hot again before you even get out .

All of this to say that I am sorry I have not been more consistent . I will be updating and adding pictures from the past two months soon. I also ask you to save quick prayer for rain for our area . While most of the country are having floods we are in an extreme drought . It is very disturbing to drive down and see many trees brown . You see this is our third year of a drought . Now we have not had a consistent rain for over six months . Many of the trees are dying and as for hurricane were to hit our area there would be a lot of damage from those trees falling .

Thanks and I hope this is just the first of several post to be made in the next few days. SAy this prayers with us in Spring Texas please:
A Prayer For Rain

Almighty God, we are in need of rain.
We realize now, looking up into the clear, blue
sky above, what a marvel even the least drop of
rain really is. To think that so much water can
fall out of the sky, which now is empty and clear!
We place our trust in You. We are sure that You
know our needs, but You want us to ask You anyway,
to show You that we know we are dependent on You.
Look on our dry hills and fields, dear God, and
bless them with the living blessing of soft rain.
Then the land will rejoice and the rivers will sing
Your praises and the hearts of men will be glad.

 God bless and I am sorry for the lack of posting.  Thank you to a young friend for the little facebook push.  Sarah, you know I love to read what you write as well.