Saturday, November 4, 2017

Park Time

Our free day continued.  We went home and got everyone else and headed to the park.  We were getting fresh air and the house was staying clean.  Win-win.

I don't know who is enjoying our park times more.  The dogs or the twins.  Both sets love playing at the park.
Huskies are so strong.  I am always glad with Dad is with us.  He can handle both dogs.  Today was day without chores and jobs to accomplish.  Instead we just enjoyed being together!
 We got all ready to head to Dallas for a football game.  Our house is on the market so we couldn't leave town until it was ready to be shown.  We were not fast enough.  Pickle was injured so we were going to support the team.  In the end we stayed behind.  We were just too late.

Dad insisted that I take the kids out to celebrate all of our accomplishments.  He and the twins hung out at home.  Possible, Pickle, Princess, Bagel, Jumba and I went to breakfast.  I know that I am one very lucky mom.  These young people are cool.  We prayed that Pickle's knee injury isn't too bad as we laughed and chatted our free morning away.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Time For Another Twin Sleeping Picture

These pictures never bore me. I love how close they are even when they sleep.  We don't make them sleep near each other.  They wake talking, they go to sleep talking.  They fight of course but they are super tight.  It is a beautiful thing to watch.  We encourage independence but we also allow the friendship.  When ever we meet twins out in the real world we realize that they must have had bad experience with people separating them. "Just let them be friends, so many people think they need to be separated but don't push it."  WE don't.  We allow for each to develop their own talents and interests while at the same time encouraging them to appreciate their unique situation of having a twin.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

What A Halloween

The kids made a #3 shirt for Bear who was not with us this year.  The siblings always make sure we all together.

Sugar and Princess told me to snag this picture.  What I love about this picture is that the camera stayed focused on Twin Beautiful.

This was fun.  The other costumers would sneak pictures and the employees got into pictures with us.  It was a fun place to be dressed like an order tent.

These two wanted to be something else this year but once Halloween came they loved that they are part of something bigger.

This family is so much fun!

Even though it was pouring down rain this crowd planned to go venture out and Trick Or Treat.
The crazy bunch headed out.  Only selfie style pictures worked because it was raining so very very hard.

It wasn't long until I head a knock at the door with a bunch of giggles.  I answered to this rag tag group.

They were completely soaked to the bone.  

We had to ring out clothes for awhile inside the door then it took two beach towels to soak up that puddle.  To say they were set is a huge understatement.

After drying off and trying to salvage a little bit of their soaked trick or treat candies we sat together and prayed.
We asked St. Joesph to help us sell our home quickly and prayed for the future owners.
Happy Halloween everyone.  We love and miss you Bear.  Thank you to all my kiddos for their loving a kind acts that they show to each other (all while still fighting like normal siblings.)  I am so honored that our family traditions are still strong even with the grown up kiddos.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Carving Pumpkins

We have been trying so hard to keep the house looking perfect in case we show it that I was very worried about a pumpkin mess. I had planned to indulge Tuesday as I figured no one would be looking at houses on Halloween. I return home from MNO on Monday night to discover that Pooker and Goobers hosted a carving party in their apartment.  The pumpkins all looked so good.  Everyone had their fun and the mess never made it to the house.  Thank you ladies!

Sadly I don't have any close up pictures of each pumpkin but this one was a favorite.  Many a complement from the trick or treaters.

The pumpkins really did make the yard look good.