Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Years Eve Wedding Fun

Photo by Carson Crady
Photo by Carson Crady

Photo by Carson Crady
Photo by Carson Crady

Photo by Carson Crady

Photo by Carson Crady

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Last Day

Dad's last day at AlEn was today.  He was happy to have it come and go but also a little sad.  It is sometimes hard to say goodbye to what we have known to move forward. So we headed out for quick bite to celebrate all that this company was for J.  He moved into a beautiful role as a regional manager without issue.  He really advanced his career with this position.  He excelled at it but the time has come to move on. 

Way to go J!  You did a great job and you will continue to do so in the next job.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Selling A House Keeps You On Your Toes

 Ugh, so much work!

Christmas is hard work and messy.  We will clean it up very quickly!  It would be worth it if we sold our home.

Update!  House did NOT sell.  At least the house is clean.

Monday, December 25, 2017

EMT on Christmas Day

"I am really proud of this girl. She is in uniform heading to an EMT job on Christmas Day. Thank you to all the military, police, medical staff and first responders who leave the comfort of their warm homes even during a Holiday to make sure there rest of us stay safe. Thank you Pooker!"

We were so lucky as a family to have had this young woman with us on Christmas eve.  We ate our meal and saved a big portion for her.  She does what she can to care for others.  I love her desire to serve others so very much.

"I. Love. This. Job. I picked up the Texans game on Christmas Day because I do love this job. I didn’t have to and honestly they probably would have gotten the coverage they needed, but I wanted to work. 
When you respect the place you give your time to it’s just so much more fun and enjoyable. I work with amazing medics that are professional, kind and competent and we have supervisors that value each of us and just make even the smallest shifts you pick up worth it. I could have been with family or friends on my day off, but I picked up to support this company because I value them so so much.  ❤️ Trust that you are well taken care of if you’re ever at NRG."

Merry Christmas to all those that live their lives to serve others and to keep them safe!

Christmas Day 2017

God has been so good to my family.  I look at the gifts that we are able to share with each other and am overwhelmed with gratitude.

We baked a birthday cake and the twins decorated with a ton of sprinkles.  They felt that if they liked them as much as they did, then Jesus must really like sprinkles.  Sound logic resulted in a yummy cake.  We also left out our cookies, that we made earlier in the week and milk for Santa Clause.
The youngest ones are always the first ones up.  They had to wait until everyone got to the stairs.  Not easy to be morning people after a long night.  We did know that Pooker would be leaving soon to work her EMT job that afternoon.  They knew that they couldn't sleep in much longer and they started to awake.
Once their eyes were open everyone was too excited to go back to sleep, anyway.  I mean Santa came!!!
After a morning prayer, Dad were called them off the stairs one by one.  J enjoys the lead role he has for Christmas day.

I love that they go one at a time so that they can enjoy watching each other.  They do enjoy watching their siblings get their gifts.

Dad was thrilled with his Coffee Bar.

We do only 3 gifts each.  Jesus got three so we get three.  The kids know that mom and dad help Santa buy the gifts but that he always makes sure there is a fun surprise for each child.
Cleaning up isn't as important as showing your gifts to your siblings . . . 
or setting up your new coffee bar.

 .  .  . Maybe even time will be spent putting new stickers all over the fridge.

After snacking all day dinner is always a welcomed feast.
The conversations never stop.  I found it funny that Twin Adorable asked if I would switch spots with her so she and Twin Beautiful could carry on their conversations.  
I always feel like Family is the BEST CHRISTMAS gift.
As we sat around still talking Pooker returned and the feast was on again!  

Let's be very honest.  Our house has had to be very (very) clean because it is on the market.  On an event like Christmas there is not help.  Even the cleanest of houses don't look clean.  I used to feel like I was failing because the back room was messy while the front room looked perfect.  I don't any more.  I have learned that Christmas is messy behind the scenes.  When I watch those Hallmark movies with the picture perfect Christmas unwrapping I often wonder to myself which room they are hiding their Christmas Mess in.  It is all worth it. 

I love seeing all the happy faces but more importantly I love seeing the family all love on each other.  We spend much less this year on Christmas. It was still wonderful.  The point isn't the cost or the mess but the joy!  I am so lucky to celebrate life with these people.  Thank you Jesus for letting us celebrate your birthday!