Saturday, April 1, 2017

Pickle Drives

In our family we don't get our driver's license at 16.  Pickle turned 16 back in November and never wanted his first time behind the wheel.  Tonight he asked if we would let him try.

He is working on getting his permit now and will then move on to getting his drivers license.  We have at least 6 months until he is officially behind the wheel.  I am just thankful that he did a good job.  

Girls Host Party for Possible 18

They had a blast.  I heard that they all stayed up very late talking and laughing.  Pooker posted this picture of all the makeup set up as they girls got ready for Mass.  The good news is that all 10 of them made it on time to Mass.

Friday, March 31, 2017

The Fifth Friday Stations With Friends

The menu this week was pasta.  Yummy!
I am so thankful for the past five weeks, for the delicious foods, the clean house to host our friends, and for a houseful of loving people to join us in this traditional prayer of our church.