Monday, September 30, 2013

Twin Love (New Trait - Holding Hands)

I can't believe that they are already 16 months old.  It looks like they have grown too big for their crib.  That will be true very soon but they are cuddling in one corner, the rest of bed is wide open.  They crack me up.  They no longer fall asleep cuddled with me they like being together. 
Beautiful on left and Adorable on right
More selfies.  What is the fascination with taking pictures of yourself?

I do love watching them sleep.
Beautiful on top of picture and Adorable on bottom.
These next few pictures happened within a few days of each other.  I LOVE waking into a room and seeing this.
Beautiful - Adorable
This is only cute when you ignore the food splattered on the wall behind them. Yuck!  I will get right on that while you enjoy these precious looks from sister to sister.
Beautiful - Adorable
Trying something new with these two.  Word flash cards with them while they are very young.  All the bigger kids want me to give it a try.  we will see.
More love: 
Adorable - Beautiful
This last one if one of my all time favorite pictures.  The quality is awful. Like I said before I am finding that my quality of pictures is going way down just to capture these precious twin moments.
Adorable - Beautiful

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sugar's Gift for the Twins

The twins used very special planets last year that are a tad too small for this year.  They are very special to them according to us so we didn't know what to do with them.  Sugar came up with the perfect solution.  She created these fantastic huge body pillows for the babies.  Twin Adorable gets the brown one with the elephants on it and Twin Beautiful gets the pink one with the monkey face. 

Sugar did a wonderful job on these.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bears Birthday

Bear is officially an adult.  (He does act pretty mature most of the time.)  He was more embarrassed by the entire process than he was celebrating.  That was until we got to the point where we came home and his big sisters decided to take him out for cigars -which he could legally purchase on his own.  No one in our home is a smoker but that once in awhile puff has become a rare treat for Pooker and Goobers (Maybe once every six months with their dad at the fire pit.)  It was Duncan's big night.  Unfortunately J wasn't feeling well (we think he might be struggling with gall bladder disease so pray for him please).  Bear was pumped.  I love how all these siblings are really best friends.  I think it is evident in these pictures.

Sugar is a little sad today - she and Bear are no longer twins (or at least the same age.)  She is so silly and it drives Bear crazy.  He is extremely happy that the twin comments will end for another  months.
Time for another family Dinner.  He wanted to go out to Chili's.

Everyone says happy birthday Bear!  We all love you!
back row - Pickle - Twin Adorable - Sugar - Bagel - Princess
middle row - Goobers - Pooker - Bear
front row /laps - Jumba - Twin Beautiful

If Bear continues to search to be a man of God in whatever path he goes down, I know he will make us proud.  Happy birthday big guy. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Crazy Shaving Cream Play

Yes I did say "Shaving Cream".  It can be a blast to play with and it isn't expensive.  In essence it is soap so it washed off easy, and leaves everything clean. 

It wasn't just the babies that enjoyed this adventure. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Princess Has Her First Youth Group Meeting

Oh my goodness this young lady was very very excited about going to her first Middle School Youth Group meeting.  She had been looking forward to it for weeks and the night was finally here.  The new youth minister at this parish had been friends with Pooker during the LifeTeen and Confirmation years.  The parish hired this local homeschooled woman after her degree from Franciscan University.  We knew the program would be solid and it was being led by someone we knew and trusted.  This girl was over the moon excited.    

In the end only 3 young girls (Princess and one of the other girls are both in the homeschool group) showed up.  I know the program will grow and grow.  Princess had a blast planning all the future activities.