Thursday, October 1, 2009

Catholic Coffee Club is Back!

Years ago Mrs. Z and I decided that we wanted Pooker and her daughter Meggers to have social time together while also accomplishing our goal of sharing our love of our faith with our high school daughters. We didn't want the study of our Faith to be reduced to just another "class" with a "grade" given. We thought outside the box for this one.
As they became Freshmen we started a Catholic high school group/club. We wanted to meet at a Coffee House. As moms we both loved our daily cup and wanted our daughters to learn to let the study of their faith be a part of every aspect of their lives even the social aspect. These two young ladies and one friend from traditional school met once a week and dove into a wonderful set of books teaching the faith. The mom's purchased the answer book and we went from there.
Five years later Pooker and Meggers are around still. Pooker is leading a college group that is diving into apologetics. Mrs. Z and I have a new set of students. Our group has actually grown into about 15 high school aged kiddos. Mrs. Z has Jake and I have Goobers and Bear.
They gather with these wonderful group of homeschool teens once a weeks to celebrate friendship while learning our faith.
This wonderful group of young people now gathers at a Denny's that allow us to use their back room for a few hours once a week.
No worries the moms still get coffee. We have added another mom for help, Mrs. W. She doesn't yet have a teenager but loves to be around them so much. She has a babysitter come for her younger son.
The discussions start out slow at the beginning of the year. We are now into our fourth meeting and the are starting to pick up the conversation. The friendship is there for sure.
We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful group of people to gather with and share our faith with. I have learned so much and I hope that the teens have also. The really exciting news is that a few cyber friends from around the country have copied this idea. We also have a second group in our own area filled with another group of teens.
These young people make the world a better place. They are caring, loving and I am so honored to know them. I just ask our Lord to continue to watch over each current and previous member of our wonderful Catholic Coffee Club.

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