Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birthday Toast Catch Up

Family tradition has us doing a toast to each family member on their birthday. We try to get out to a nice dinner around the day. We go around the table and everyone says three things that they like about the birthday person.
We thought it would not be a big deal at all. We were wrong. It took forever. We love sharing our thoughts with each other and we all love to hear why someone else thinks that person is so cool. Lots of fun. It really is a great tradition. We did spend the first 30 minutes arguing about who we needed to do. In the end it was Jumba, Princess, Sugar and Bear.
As the mom of this huge clan I love the hear what they think about each other. The traits that dad and I think are important are not always the same as the siblings think. I can sum it up to say we all love Jumba kisses, Princess has inner beauty to match her outer beauty, Sugar notices the small things, and Bear is funny.

As always I wanted a picture. They hung out with me for a few minutes to allow a beautiful Sunday afternoon family picture.

We are a cute bunch!

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