Saturday, October 24, 2009

Neighborhood Halloween Celebration

I love this neighborhood. We really are blessed to have a wonderful group of people that get along and truly care about each other. We disagree and still love each other, we are a family. We lost Miss Lisa last weekend. It was such a surprise. As it turns out Halloween was this young mother's favorite holiday. I saw all this because I was blessed to run into her husband at the annual neighborhood Halloween party. He was so positive and upbeat. He misses his wife for sure but spoke over and over again about our neighborhood. It really is the best. Our kiddos have come up with "family costumes" the past couple of years. The little ones still love picking their own out of the much used collection of Disney characters that has been saved over the years. Moogie was a pirate (not a Disney character but she still looked cute).

Bear's favorite movie from his younger days is Toy Story. He has worked hard to share that love of Buzz and Woody with his brother.

As you can see it is working. Pickle wasn't too sure about dressing up but eventually played along.

Another character set that we love is the Pooh group. Hence Bear's blog name. I used to call him my little Pooh Bear. Here Princess is Tigger and Bagel is Pooh. We also have a Piglet and an Eeyore.
These two did not have costumes on but they were proudly showing their Cuda love.

Here they are taking a break from the cake walk.

Jumba wasn't too sure about the huge spider that was a decoration.
They always do a great job transforming the area into the Halloween theme.
Look at all those great people. Ready to have fun together.
Here the old ones are helping to sort some stuff to help clean up.
What a great neighborhood we picked so many years ago when we moved to Texas.

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