Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Zombies Have Taken Over (Happy Halloween)


So our official family costume fell into the Zombie theme.  Pooker had to work and so she wore the above shirt at the hospital while the rest of us dressed up in our bloodiest best.  The Zombie apocalypse hit hard and we all fell except Pooker, she (wink-wink) was the lone survivor who sought refuge at the hospital.  I would like to say that we look beautiful but that would be a lie.  Not one pretty picture, just blood and gore.

This is how it came to be:

It wore this little one out.  She was too tired to find a bed or to even sit down. Yep she is sound asleep.
Then we start getting dressed.  The older kids sent Pooker off to work and then started the make up on everyone else.  Time to become a zombie:

Sugar with Dad

Goobers and Sugar


Goobers in about to "infect" Sugar

Not so pretty Possible

Princess - not looking regal
The poor twins were asleep while the makeup was happening.  We woke them up to so frightful faces.  It took awhile for them to be ok with their zombie-fied family.


 Get ready neighborhood!

Friend from College - Welcome D

Twin Adorable in the front with Twin Beautiful in the back.  
 Baby Zombies are roaming.  Look out.



 Zombies on a Go-Cart!  Look out neighborhood.

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Sugar with Beautiful

Beautiful loving her lollipop from Bear

Not for a long time ladies!

Bear holding Twin Beautiful on Left and Adorable on Right
Mrs. W stopped by
I hope that all you all had a wonderful Halloween!