Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Galveston With Fr. Keller

So we decided to start our adventure with Fr. Keller at a somewhat local exclusive joint. WhatABurger is not gourmet food at all but it is still Texas born and yummy for fast food. Here we ran into the nicest person alive. She made our day, seriously. If every counter worker it he world were as nice as her, I would never eat at home. We all felt so loved and cared for the woman behind the counter. She wasn't fake or crazy just very very loving. When she told us to come back the kids begged to stop for dinner on the way home in hopes to see her again. Thank you nice lady, you are in our prayers!

The next part of the adventure was to do something that the Texas T's had never done. Father was an old hat at riding a ferry but the kids were very nervous. Then once we got to the other side they couldn't believe they had ever been worried. It was a neat thing to do. We road to and from Port Bolivar and Galveston.

This is an official picture of two of the ferry boats that are run by TxDOT.

The TomTom was kind of funny. Our route went over the water, no problem.
Once back on Galveston we headed to Strand Street for some of the tourist type things to see.
LaKing's Confectionery was a little bit of heaven and history. I can't believe I have never been there living in Houston now for 8 years. I remember seeing a story on the family after hurricane Ike and there rebuilding and cleaning up. I am so glad that they are still open. A visit there was really a treat. I plan to stop by every time we visit Galveston from here on out.

Outside we found this sitting area. The kids played a quick game of chess while we tasted our chocolate.

Sugar and Goobers tried some Crab and Lobster, they were chocolate. This is the only way these two could eat shellfish.

If all that wasn't enough fun we headed to the beach for some fly a kite time. It was perfect on the shore. There is a natural breeze that comes off the water so the kites all went right up. We were on the East Beach to be exact.

Look at those kites, we had 9 strung together and going very very high.

The top picture is when every thing was fine.
After the string broke the kites all starting going every which way. Eventually they fell accross some power lines so we had to retrieve them instead of letting them go. Truly it was a perfect day. Thank you Father Keller for coming to see us and for spending the day playing with us. It was so much fun.

Friday, September 24, 2010

We don't like Cardinals

Everyone who knows my kiddos, knows that they are huge Cub fans. I can't explain why but it began with their dad. This is hard considering we come from Cardinal territory. We had Fr. Tom Keller visiting us and he is a priest from deep within St. Louis, a.k.a. Cardinal territory. He always brings up this rival and he and J share a few jabs at each other's favorite teams. The kiddos have all grown to be a part of these "debates" about the better team. Father even sent the kiddos Cub beach towels after one of his previous visits. So around him the kids are always ready to insult the Cardinal baseball team and defend their own team the Cubbies.

So as we were doing some sight-seeing with Father Keller during his last visit. In conversation he brought up his plans to visit Rome before the year is out. He might be headed to the instillation of a Cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church. Bagel within ear shot and not understanding the difference between the baseball team and the leaders of the Catholic Church blurted out her distain for this plan.

"I hope you don't. I hate them. Why would you ever want to go and see that junk?"

While trying to understand why she was being so vile to Father, I asked what she had against Rome.

Bagel replied with, "I don't know anything about Rome but I do know we like the Cubs a lot more than we like any of those dumb old Stinkin' Cardinals."

We all had a good laugh over that one.