Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dog Door Is Here

It holds the Twins inside but not the puppies.  I know that they will grow a little and not fit any more but for now it is frustrating that the door finally got here and it doesn't help.  Looks good, instead I should say it looks great but still doesn't work at keeping the little puppies inside their "House!"  I know they will grow too big to fit through and eventually it will be a great addition.    

"B&B get back in your house!"

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Otter Picture Day

The kids really like this team.  Sugar is coaching this year along side Bear, they work really well together.

Sugar brings the fun while Bear brings the serious.  I enjoy the benefits of a smaller team.  This is a group of fast swimmers that are out there to have fun.  It isn't too much street just fun.

I love my Otters!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Their Own Kindles

They do have their own.  Instead of playing side by side or watching a video on their own, these two use one and share while the other one charges and then just switch it.

Power Outage

The new week brought more rain showers.  The friends all got to go back to school and dad was able to fly out but we were without power.  Some neighborhood trees had been struck by lightening and had crashed into the power lines. Sadly it might be out for days.  We made the most of it, as we all thought how thankful we were that it wasn't extremely hot and humid yet.
Look at all those power company trucks at the end of our street.  UGH!  It was comforting to see that they were working on it.
We had purchased a small pink pool to use just to bathe the puppies.  Jumba and the Twins had other plans.  

Beautiful - Adorable

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Blessing For The Seniors

So here we are at the last serious LifeTeen Night of the school year.  I will miss the wonderful small group L and I had this year.  We were blessed with such a good group of teens.  The night included a talk from a few seniors, one of which being one of Bear's closest friend.

G did a wonderful job with his talk.  He told the teens that making God a part of his life has made everything so much more valuable.  He talked about going to adoration before his last big football game this year.  He prayed that no matter what he was giving it God.  It wasn't for his glory but for God's.  What a beautiful testimony that was to the younger ones in the room.  
After coming back from small groups the seniors went to the middle of the room.  They got together and prayed for the younger ones and offered a blessing for the teens.  Then the room returned the prayers and blessings, asking God to keep each of these seniors close to him throughout their lives.

LifeTeen has been such a blessing this year, as always.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Serious Twin Play

I am not exactly sure what they are playing, if I asked I probably would not understand the answer.  I do know that they are so cute together.  They woke up early this morning.  Dad was in his office working.  They got their toys and just hung out next to him.  They like just being close to him.  They quietly played for hours and hours.  Being a twin with a built in friend, who just gets you, even in your pjs, is such a lucky thing.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lots of Rain Is Fun For Some

I just love rain.  I enjoy listening to the rain fall.  I enjoy hearing the thunder.  For some reason I could not sleep during these storms.  I woke up and prayed for the safety of others and then tried to capture some shots in the rain and in the dark.

What you can't see here is that we got way too much rain in the Houston area.  There was lots of flooding.  The kids enjoyed that Nanny and Gramps were stranded one more day at the beginning of the week.  We all enjoyed a little more relaxed time with them as most flights were canceled coming in and out of the city.  (Sadly it was tax day and I spent most of the day trying to get my software to update so I could file.  I was ready but it wouldn't update.)  Nanny and Gramps let the next morning and our wet adventures continued.  Dad ended up not leaving at all that week, which was nice and rare.  

Pooker took this shot below.  The neighborhoods around her EMS station were under water.
All the local schools were out all week.  We ended up having extra friends to play with.  What a great week!

I should say that this group of kids went to Mass if they could, went to Adoration and offered many prayers for those that were in trouble.  They did understand that for some this was a sad week.
It is the crazy moments like these that will be forever a part of our hearts.