Thursday, February 28, 2013

Various February Shots

 Adorable - Beautiful looking cute while we visit the library. They are now 9 months old!
 How to swing a twin.  Adorable - Beautiful
Princess swinging with Adorable and Beautiful.
 More swinging with Adorable and Beautiful with Bagel in background.
 Daddy cuddles his babies Beautiful and Adorable.
 Morning cuddles with Beautiful - Adorable and Bagel.
 Princess with Adorable
 Look out both babies are now mobile.  Beautiful is playing in her bouncer while Adorable practices her crawling.
 More Princess and Adorable pictures.
 Big shock, another Princess shot.
 Here Adorable sleeps while Beautiful tries to wake her up so she could get her to play.
 Goobers with an Ash Wednesday blessing on her forehead.

My daily view of two precious babies pulling each other to get to my mom.

Thank you Papa

All jokes aside we are so proud of having been a part of the Church under Benedict XVI.  He is an amazing man and we thank him for his continues service of the church and all God's people.  His humility will always be a beautiful example to all!

Love to Papa Benedict!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


We finally got the older ones into visit the Allergist.  Sugar had to go because of her shellfish issues.  We also did not want her to do the scratch test depicted here.  We all thought Goobers was allergic to everything, we suspected Bear was OK and did not know what to expect with Possible.
 Possible had several raised responses. 
 It was a huge shock that Goobers had zero spots except the control.
Bear's arms lite up like Christmas trees.  Poor guy is allergic to all kinds of things.  He wasn't in a dangerous level but does need to be aware to not roll around in the grass. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mom's Birthday filled with Blessings

 Mom's Birthday.
 The best part for me is having all my precious gifts around me. 


Don't laugh at all the smoke. I am not THAT old.   It was a great day - thank you family.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Warm Feb Day

The kids decided that on this crazy warm day they would go on an adventure and take the babies to the woods/park for the first time. 
 Everyone had a blast.

 Adorable in the back with Beautiful in front.
 The twins have just turned 9 months, they are just beginning to crawl all over.
Possible with Beautiful
I love that the kids all came home from the park very tired, all that fresh air.  The babies loved the time outside exploring!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Making Pretzels

I remembering eating lots of pretzels during Lent while growing up.  They have been difficult to find, so this year when I saw a mix I got it.  
 The kids really enjoyed making their own pretzels and their own designs. 
 They were very creative and had tons of fun!
 There was flour everywhere.
 The babies watched and snacked on cereal as the rest of us got creative.
 They did letters and shapes.  We were all surprised that the pretzels were also yummy!
So we are off for the next 40 days, with no meat on Fridays.  May you find little joys in all that you offer up!