Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blog Pictures from Christmas 1-2011

I didn't want to loose these pictures that I had used in the sidebar.
The kiddos after Christmas Mass



Neen and J

"JPII - We Love You!!!"

If you were ever blessed to be in the crowd when Jon Paul II passed by then you certainly were blessed to be a part of that chanting. J, Pooker, Mimi and I were lucky enough to see him during his visit to St. Louis in January of 1999. Fr. Tom Keller made sure that we were involved. I worked so hard to help with the Mass. Jason was right there with top security clearance to assist in setting up the beautiful Mass the JPII had with the good people of St. Louis. From that experience I can say that when JPII came close (entered the building) a calm fell over everyone. I know that the Holy Spirit was with JPII and allowed His Peace to fill all those near him. I am not at all surprised that he will be beatified on May 1st. I am so happy with this news that JPII is on the way to being declared an official Saint of the Roman Catholic Church. It is great news and I can't do the story justice like a fellow blogger. Follow the link (click here), to see the quotes and pictures she gathered. Beautiful! Thank you flowergarenia at My Little Flower for the wonderful reminder.
Great News: John Paul II to be beatified on May 1st, 2011

John Paul II Pray for us!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dad's First Deer

My bucket list does not include deer hunting but J's did. He has always had a desire to go hunting. He is a city boy and it wasn't something that his family did for recreation. Now we live in Houston and everyone hunts. J has been a little behind the eight ball in that respect. The opportunity finally fell into his lap and he made plans to go to the "Ranch" with our next door neighbor KP. Mr. KP co-owns the ranch with his adult sons. His boys had the ranch booked all season until the very last week. In fact by the time J got to go it was just doe season, so no buck antlers for the wall. KP set J up with everything he needed. They spent a few days just enjoying time out at the Ranch. Then it was time and J pulled the trigger. KP told the processor that he was surprised the city boy followed through.
J got her with one shot. Way to go Big J, but to be honest this city girl isn't sure how she will feel when it comes to using the meat. Thanks to KP for making this dream happen.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


We became members of the Houston Zoo last March. We only went a few times. To be honest the zoo is OK, not at all as exciting as the St. Louis Zoo. I don't say that to offend anyone just to point out that I have been disappointed in the zoo here. I know that the zoo has been worked on for over 100 years so I bet that this zoo just has some more growing and developing to do. That being said we became members and had to join at a high level to get enough tickets for the entire family. I find that so offensive. I am not a grandparent but I have to buy a grandparent pass for just my kiddos. Then the heat of where we live means that I just don't wake up in the morning and suggest we head to the zoo. So on the 7th day of January I surprised the kiddos and did just that. The weather was delightful. It was in between two cold fronts and temps were around 70. Perfect for walking around. We kept cool but not cold, certainly not hot!

WE crawled in tubes and looked at fish.

We saw snakes, crocs and frogs. Walk walk walk.

We also saw some monkeys and apes. Look one of my own is swinging from the vines. So proud.

So we all know that the homeschool world will start back up soon and these adventures will stop, but this was the perfect day.

Love those kiddos! They were my favorite creatures at the zoo.

Time for reflection

So the 6Th came and went. As most Catholics know you must keep out your decorations until January 6Th. I was able to get the decorations boxed up and ready for storage without too much effort this year. I find that as I put the decorations away, I get very reflective. I am probably too busy as I get them out to think about anything but my to do list. I have so many questions for myself as I box the trinkets up. I think of my friends Linda, Kelly and Natalia. When they packed Christmas decorations did they even think that they would not be here the next year when the items were open? Did Natalia's mom wonder if either of her children would be gone the next year? I am sure not, we don't think about those things.Everyone knows that I want to move. I wonder, will I unwrap these items in this house next year or somewhere else? What does the year hold for us? How will our lives have changed 11 months from now? Will we all be here? Will we be happy? Will we be more fit? Will we have any more children? Will our finances be better or worse? What new friends will see the tree next year? So many questions that only He knows the answers to. I resolve, as I wrap up the last box, as I always do to just leave it up to HIM.
God, please bless 2011 for the Texas T's,
protect us from harm,
let us live our adventures,
keep us close to your heart,
never let us leave your side. Amen.

New Years Eve

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2010 & Welcome 2011! We spent the night at home with friends stopping by. At midnight we had fireworks and sparkling apple juice. I can't think of a better way to start the new year.

So many people so much fun! Love to all our friends that joined us! I hope you had a wonderful evening as well. Happy New year!