Sunday, October 31, 2010

Helping at Party (and always)

Why is it the Texas T's can't show up and just be at an event. We always end up helping. I was only mildly upset at this party. We loved the lady in charge so the kids offered and she gave them jobs.

We weren't sure we would make this night at all. Last minute putting on costumes while mom and dad disagreed on how the night should work. In the end we all went.
It really is a fun neighborhood tradition. Small little games with little prizes. The cake walk being the favorite.

Not sure what they are looking at but Dad is making a great face. It didn't take long before the older ones offered to help when they saw a stressed out mom running to and from the booths. She did not hestitate in putting them to work.

Often I forget how blessed we are that our college daughter likes to be around her family. Pooker came back from other activities that day to make sure she was here for the little ones. Goobers, Bear and Sugar could have all had high school plans, yet they wanted to be with the family as well. Then they all end up helping all the kids at the event to have fun.
Pickle is at an age where little boys are embarrassed by everything, especially mommy kisses. I am just mean enough to give him extras. Jumba still loves mommy kisses. (I wonder how long that will last?)
Pooker does get her goofy side from her daddy.

In the end even the little ones were helping out.

Everyone helping. Thanks guys. Last week I got a note from a member of the church staff. This was a note to tell me what a blessing it is to be around Pooker, Goobers, Bear and Sugar. This note described their spirits as ones of being in service to those around them. That note has filled me with joy in ways I can't even begin to describe. As Christians our mission is to serve others as Christ served the world. I am blessed that my kiddos get that and always do it with a joyful heart.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Zoo Boo on Friday

We have Zoo passes from the beginning of the year that we had only used one time. Honestly we were not too impressed by the Houston Zoo (it just can't compare to the St. Louis Zoo.)
After the announcement of special treats to be handed out during a pre-Halloween celebration and cooler temps, I decided to try it again.
We found some costumes and headed to the Zoo Boo day.

We saw a different part of the zoo than we have in the past. It was much better than we thought but still a disappointment. Jumba loved it.
The kiddos were ready to pose all over the place so mom had fun getting pictures.
Everyone got a small pumpkin from the "patch". The kiddos liked this part.

Again we pose in front of the pumpkin wagon.

A great time was had by all. We might actually attempt the zoo again.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Carving Away

Yuck, the inside is never pretty! The mess is lots of fun though. I love watching the teams that form to create a beautiful jack-o-lantern.

The compete and giggle and plan.

Each one feeling that their creations are the best.

The cleaning of the guts is always interesting.

Mom's job is to separate the seeds from the rest.

And from Jumba's face.

And Possible's hair.

The silliness goes on and on.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Preparing at a Catholic parish!

We are working hard to be able to get everything in so we can RV next year. This is not that easy when you look at all the little details that need to be worked out. I am still trying to adjust our school year to accommodate all that we need to be prepared.
One of those tasks was to prepare for the various Sacraments that we are ready for. You would not even believe the amount of controversy this causes in the homeschool circles.
Here in the Arch Diocese of Galveston and Houston the rules to receive the Sacraments are very different than they were when I was growing up in the St. Louis Diocese.
I have issues with many of them but in trying to be obedient I am working to jump through the hoops a little bit.
Princess is officially in the program and Bagel is going with her. The two do everything together and next year we will be on the road (at least that is what we are aiming for.)
Confirmation is for Sophomores at our parish, every parish has different rules. I got permission for our freshman Sugar to join in because of our hopes for next years travels.
So as it turns out Bear and Sugar are in the same class with Pooker is the teacher. It doesn't get better than that.

So out of 9 we have 2 in prep for Communion, 2 in prep for Confirmation, 1 teaching and 1 more helping with Confirmation.

I can't promise that everything is going to happen the way in which it seams planned but we are one very important step closer to our dreams of an RV semester.

If you think of it please offer up a few prayers for my four kiddos that will be headed to various sacraments within the next year. No matter they can use the prayers and so can the parents as we juggle the hoops that are required by our parish.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

You can't call this Fall

UGH! I am tired of this! I know that I am just not happy but I am getting sick of hearing about how great this weather is. Just because it isn't 95 degrees out doesn't mean it is great weather. Fall weather should be cooler! It is hitting 90 again this week. My poor kids try to make me feel better by bringing me a leaf that has changed colors. See the leaf on this windshield, yuck. I miss the yellows, red's and oranges that God uses to color the trees up North.
We do have stuff falling. Pine cones, Pine needles and dead branches.
Yuck! But there is always next year. We are actively working to reach our family goal of getting an RV and seeing some American history locations next fall. A few of those places will have to be the Northeast. Till then I will be down here in Houston, complaining about the heat and the lack of color, while raking those ugly needles up.