Monday, November 30, 2015


I love these ladies.  They are my strength.  We are so blessed to have such a strong community of loving women to share our faith journey and homeschool struggles with each week.

They Are My Best Friends

Twin Adorable came up telling me something today.  She really wanted me to get her sister to come over for a visit.  She loves them so very much.  This video is so precious to me.  I know that Pooker and Goobers have worked hard to have a great relationship with the twins (and everyone) even after they moved out.  This video is a testament to their efforts and their success in that.

Catholic Coffee Club

We have been meeting at Crust Pizza.  We have been sitting outside and after the temperature dropped I grew worried that we would not have anywhere warm to meet.  I was so wrong.  When we showed up this Monday we found several patio heaters.  They were all set up and waiting for us to use.  

After I ordered the young man behind the counter thanked us for coming.  He was so kind and gracious.  It was so refreshing being appreciated for our business.  After class I made the kids pose next to a heater so that I would remember to say thank you to the owners for always going out of the way to make us feel so welcome.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pickle Goes to Saints Game With Dad

 For Pickle's birthday his sister got him tickets to the football game.  It was the Saints verses the Texans.  Pickle's team verses Dad's team.

 The girls only request was to bring home a picture of JJ Watt.

J had fun even though they were sitting with a ton of other Saint's fans.  Actually it was all good fun until the Texans beat the Saints.

Silly Girls Singing on Car Ride

We had people going in many different directions after Mass.  I am not even sure how I ended with just the Twins but here we are.  These two are so silly and they sing all the time.  I just recorded it to remember.  I love these two.

I love my three year olds!

Twin Beautiful on the left and Twin Adorable on the right.