Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sugar Enjoys a Birthday Celebration

Another birthday!!  Sugar can now vote!  This young woman has a smile that will change the world. 


Too funny that the twins were the ones that were most concerned with cleaning the mess (I think it is called IRONY.)  Sugar we all hope that your birthday was wonderful.  Thank you for being you and being so much fun!

My BOBBI TUTU (My baby doll - in Twin Talk)

Life would be easier if I had a clue what they were talking about!  This twin language is adorable.  I don't understand it and often get yelled at (I don't know what is being yelled).  Eventually they will speak in the English language but for now I am enjoying recording these moments of misunderstanding.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Look Out I have Puzzle Help!

After the fiasco a few years back I have been leery of puzzles.  I decided to try one to calm my nerves as the summer ended and the busy school year began.

 Even with all my cute help, I was able to finish a puzzle of my beloved hometown. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Weird Pictures of Weird Kids

 Twin Adorable looking adorable.

 Goobers started a new job.  She is training for the grand opening of the new store which will open in October. 
 Princess and Possible are just silly and love to have their pictures taken!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Hate Co-Ops

I hate the idea of sending kids to a school setting in anyway.  I am a homeschooling purist.  I guess after 19 years of homeschooling I wanted to try something different.  I found a co-op option that can only do minimal damage as the kids are in school for only 2 hours every 2 weeks (and I am teaching them 30 minutes of that time.)  A few years ago we tried a program called Classically Catholic Memory in which different material is presented to be memorized over a 2 week period for the school year.  This is from the website for the program.

What is Classically Catholic Memory?
Classically Catholic Memory is a memory work program that is both Catholic and classical in nature.

What is memory work?
Memory work is simply the mastery of core facts in a given subject, or the mastery of a certain body of work (poetry or Scripture, for example) using the tool of one’s memory.

We didn't stay on track that year because I got pregnant, then sick, then had twins.  We did a little of the work but got distracted by the history topics and couldn't stay on track.  I loved the program but forgot about it with the twins and the chaos that followed.  This year I was asked to join a new/old group that were using this program and meeting every other week in a co-op format for one morning to keep each other on track.  I had not joined the group before because it was kind of far away and I didn't think my kids could handle the set up at the time.  That group fell apart and new one immerged starting with year 4 of the program.  This group was meeting at my parish - so very close- and was less structured and demanding that any I had ever scene.  On a whim I asked the kiddos if they wanted to try.  I like the program already but had not decided to use it.  After a summer of mom working them hard on reading, writing and math they wanted to give this a go.

 So we planned to go to the welcome meeting for the Divine Mercy Co-op using the CCM delta year. 

 Pickle loved being able to serve for the morning Mass for the homeshoolers and loved that if we signed up he would be able to serve on Wednesdays.
 I wasn't too sure about the co-op but I liked the other families involved and if the kids were in I agreed to give it a try. 

 No matter what happens, one thing I know for sure!  The Texas T kids will make the most of it, they will honor God while doing it, and enjoy their time together.
 Their older sibling are a little worried, they feel that we have done a great job with them and we should not try to find an easier approach now.  I have assured them that I am just using a program I enjoy whie keeping my self on track with the co-op. 
 I hate uniforms as well.  I am not sure we will continue based on uniforms alone!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Baseball Adventure with Dad and Pookers

Pookers new job has a few perks here and there.  She was offered a few tickets to an Astros baseball game.  She purchased the rest so that she could take most of the family for at the ballpark.  Goobers and mom could not join the fun because of other commitments but all of these guys had a blast.  Dad was especially proud of all of his baseball loving girls!


Dad with Adorable