Friday, October 2, 2009

Guest Blogger/ Sugar "What A Day"

On Wednesday Pooker had a volleyball game. Dad, Goobers and Bear went to cheer her on. Mom had a meeting so I stayed home with Moogie, Pickle, Princess, Bagel and Jumba. Before mom left we were playing outside in the back yard. Moogie, Pickle, Princess and Bagel were on the tree house. Jumba and I were on the swings. Jumba said, "bird!" I looked around and I saw a parrot.

It was a small parrot so we all start did to call it. The bird came to us, so Mom
trapped it. We only know so much about parrots so I called my best friend Tabby. Her family has a parrot. They said we can use one of their cages. Mom left to get the cage. while mom was gone the parrot got a way.

We all called for it again and again and again. It did not come. I sent Moogie and Pickle
over next door. Mom came home with the cage. We told her that the parrot went to the house next door. They went looking for the parrot but could not find it. We heard it but did not see it. Mom had to go to her meeting, so we went inside.

I let Moogie and Pickle go back out. They heard her it and they saw it. It was time for bed for Princess, Bagel, Pickle, and Jumba. Then Dad, Pooker, Goobers and Bear got home. A little bit later Mom came home. We all want to bed.

Bagel and Pickle got up at 7:30 in the morning and went in the backyard. Then Moogie and Princess went to look for the parrot. They saw it while they played outside. Then Bear and I went out to look. Mom and Dad had to go some where so Goobers was babysitting. It
started to rain so we all played outside in the rain. It was fun. When it started to rain really really hard, Goobers said to come inside. We all did.

Goobers said that it was time for lunch. As Goobers and I started to make lunch the power went out. Mom and Dad were still gone Goobers was responsible. She knew what to do. She called Mom and Dad. They were on their way home. We all went outside and waited for them to get home.

They did and mom wanted to go same where until the power came back on. We got our shoes on and went to the car. It did not start! Dad, Bear, Goobers, and I tried to jump it. We could not do it in the rain so we all went back inside. Dad and Bear went back out to do something so followed them out. Our neighbor Mr KP said, "Sugar I found your parrot."

I said, "OK we will be over in one minute. I ran inside and told them that KP had the parrot. We all ran over but the parrot was not moving. In fact the parrot was dead. Mr. KP said he thinks that it flew into the window trying to get away from the heavy rain. When we all went inside mom said it was not our fault that the parrot is dead.

What a Day!

By Sugar T

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  1. What a wonderful story, Sugar. You should write more often. I really enjoyed your parrot story. Thank you.


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