Friday, January 31, 2014

Where To Keep Your Twin

If you are lucky enough to have a twin you must keep him or her somewhere.  Might we suggest the toy box, after all most likely this other you is your favorite toy. As these pictures will tell you it didn't start with the twins but with the bigger ones.  The twins just continued playing this way the rest of the afternoon.  I love their conversations.  I wish I could record them better.  I will keep trying.
 Bagel hiding in toy box and joined by Twin Adorable.

I was happy that the twins enjoy reading to each other and playing together.  The rest of us might not understand what they are saying but they do.  They even get angry and fight over whatever they are talking about.   Love the twins.

Monday, January 27, 2014

One of Those Days

At least our day wasn't as bad as the owners of that house.

What Our Catholic Coffee Club Looks Like This Year

I love this and each of these young people. The world needs to know that there are pockets of wonderful young people that are on fire for their Catholic faith, for their Christian values, and for love of Christ that they see in each other.
We were missing a few kids but I was happy that someone grabbed a shot of these kids. Many of them had gone to the March For Life at the Texas capital on Saturday.  These teens are the real deal.  I am so proud of each of them.

(Catholic Coffee Club is the homeschooling religion class that I lead weekly.) Possible is in the front row on the right.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

KOC 2nd and 3rd Degree

J and Bear went through the induction ceremonies for 2nd and 3rd degrees.  The family was not invited as it is a member's only event.  J has always wanted to pursue time with the Knights.  He told his grandfather, Papa, years ago that he would.  I think J was very proud that Bear, now an adult, was wanting to be a knight and proceed to the 3rd level of introduction with him.  This was something that they did together.  I am sure they will continue their service work with the knights while enjoying time as father and son.  

What are the degrees all about?  I wasn't sure and the guys are sworn to secrecy.  I did some digging and found this on the internet:

The Primary Principles of the Knights of Columbus: 
Charity is the foremost principle of the Knights of Columbus and, as such, it is the  primary  focus of the 1st degree of initiation into the brotherhood. There are three degrees of initiation, each corresponding to a separate virtue: charity (1st degree), unity (2nd degree), and fraternity (3rd degree). The final (optional) degree, or 4th degree, focusses on the  virtue of patriotism.
                                                          ~ St. Vincent's Council

I am sure that J's grandfather would be very proud of both these guys today!

Welcome OSV Readers

A few weeks back Michelle Martin, a writer for Our Sunday Visitor contacted me through this blog to ask for an interview.  We exchanged a few emails and that was it.  I was delighted when I found this online the other day at OSV Newsweekly.  In their In Focus section Mrs. Martin shares a little bit about our family and our trust in God in regards to being open to a big family.  It is such an honor to have been written about in such a flattering way.  I just wanted to share with any of you that might not have seen it and also welcome anyone to the blog that have visited by way of the article.

For big families, a good strategy is key.  Michelle Martin, OSV Newsweekly, January 22, 2014

Thank you to Michelle Martin for sharing our good side. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

ICE and Snow In Houston

Do you see that ice, and snow.

Don't make fun, it is my current home town.

Truth is the schools are closed.  The roads are bad because they are not able to treat them before the rain falls and turns to ice.  We also lack the trucks or the salt to de-ice.  Everything is fine if you stay home for 12 hours.  Now we are at the end of this as it is heating up to 32 now.  The only problem I have is that I need to head to Hobby airport (south of Houston) from Spring (North of Houston - near Conroe in the map above) to pick up Bear.  I love that kid - he plans to fly into town on the only day in five years that we have a winter storm.  I only hope the roads are clear and his plane is able to land.  Pray for us!  LOL fine but also pray.  OK I know you are also laughing and I am ok with that.  I do feel loved.  We have had ice, snow, and fall leaves this year.  God is good!

PS  I had to add one more after returning home without issue picking our son up.  It took us forever to get through town.
 We did see a few accident and road closures but we didn't have issues as the temperatures were already rising. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Family Visit - Jenny Came Back

My cousin-once-removed, Jenny came back to Houston for business.  We were so excited that we got to spend the evening with her.  We kept it simple with pizza and board games.  We hear she will be going through town again in a few weeks.  Yeah!

Jenny, won the twins over and that isn't the easiest thing to do. The trick is that she doesn't push.  The even followed her out to wave goodbye.  See you next time. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another Epic March for Life

This year we did not venture off as a family.  Dad and I are so proud of our kids.  They all still wanted to attend the March. We just couldn't swing it this year but they could and did.  With their own funds they got to the March.  Bear flew to St. Louis and joined Fr. Tom and his parish.  Pooker and Goober wanted to travel independently this year.  That had me very nervous but they were determined.  They flew directly into DC, in time for a little sight seeing and the March.  In the end they all handled themselves like adults and got to and from our nation's capital to tell the world that abortion should not be legal. We have raised them to understand the pro-life message but it has been a real treat to see that the cause is theirs. 

We were all with them in spirit and missed them terribly. We all want to go next year.

Pooker and Goobers marched with our new friends the Kelloggs.  When they first posted this picture I didn't even notice that I had two of my own in the picture.  I so hope that we can all go together next year!
This younger generation will overturn Roe V Wade.  I have been on several Marches over the years and the energy I see coming off the TV screen is so great.  I am so hopeful. 

I got the above picture while watching the March on EWTN.  Bear is actually holding the yellow sign on the right.  You can't see him clearly but it is him.

4 of my favorite people in the world in this picture.  Fr. Tom and I celebrate our 25 years of friendship.  We met on the March for Life in 1989.  We sat across from each other on the bus and have been friends ever since.  I know that my own kids are coming back having these same life changing experience.  I could not be more proud.
Hundreds of Thousands of Pro-Lifers March for Life: Mourn 56 Million Abortions
I heard the number of people was around 600,000 this year but I can't find it in print.  That is an amazing number considering those close by did not come due to the winter storm that hit the day before. 
God bless each of those people that braved the sub-zero wind chill temperatures to defend those souls that they will not meet in this world.  Prayers for a change of heart for our country and prayers for forgiveness for all those involved with this form of murder.  Thank you God for all my pro-life children

Surprise Blog Gift

Do you remember my blog post titled "The Broken Christmas"?   Well my friends (and apparently blog fans) do.  They surprised me with the most wonderful gift. 

Yes, can you even believe it!?! 8 more dinner plates.  Perfect!
Thank you, words can not even begin to express all the emotions of gratitude I feel in regards to this incredibly thoughtful gift. I have trouble even typing this note between the tears.  This gift not only surprised me but also the kids.  We are all very touched by this and are extremely thankful.