Monday, June 30, 2014

Catch-up Posts

We have been so busy that I am over a month behind in catching up.  Here are links to each of the posts.

6-12-14  Sleeping Beauties

6-14-14  Last Dual Meet

6-16-14 Bagel's Birthday


6-17-14 My Crazy Boys

6-18-14 Special Cuda Awards

6-18-14 Flash Card Pictures

6-19-14 New Camera

6-20-14 Cuda Spirit Week

6-21-14 Cudas Win Divisionals

6-23-14  Awe They Love Each Other   

6-24-14 My Newest Little Helpers

6-24-14  Bagel's Cake Time 

6-25-14  Distractions

6-26-14 No More Dance

6-26-14  Fighting Distractions 

6-26-14 L Family Send Off 

6-28-14  Coach Bear

6-29-14 Invitational Weekend

6-29-14 Blessings for Missionaries 

6-30-14 Cuda Awards Ceremony

6-30-14 Summer Schooling

Summer Schooling

T Homeschool Academy has spent the past two months trying a newer way of schooling.  We have been using our Kindles to get on line for Math, we have tackled a simple practice reading program, and we have consistently worked at creative writing and note taking.  I think we have been more consistent in our summer schooling than we had been in a while with regular schooling. The kids may not agree but it has been fun.  The Giggle poetry reading program has helped as promised and we will continue until the end of the summer.  I recommend it to any sluggish readers.

Cuda Awards Ceremony



Another season in the bag.  The girls had a great season and really enjoyed themselves.  Possible and Sugar hit the ten year swimmer mark.  The Cudas mean friends, exercise, and accomplishments. 
We also found out that Bagel won Cuda of the Week during this last week.