Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Call Me a Cow!

Pooker, Goobers, and Bear were all bottle fed.  Then I heard that breast feeding can help with spacing babies.  Considering that Goobers and Bear were only 15 months apart and then Sugar came along 11 months later I really wanted to space the kids out a little more.  I decided to try to nurse Sugar.  I loved it.  Sugar and the rest of the gang were all born as big babies that had no problem eating.  I fell in love with nursing.  It was easy, it was so easy to bond with the baby, and it saved money.  I was not one to continue for very long, my babies only wanted to nurse for about 7 months to a year.  I took it for granted, I really did.  This pregnancy has been so different. Then to have preemies, again a whole new world.

I didn't care if we nursed or not this time.  I just wanted what was best for the babies.  I gave permission for formula to be used and then I was shocked when I was asked if I would consider buying breast milk from a milk bank.  I told them I was happy to pump if it would help.  I have often heard that "breast is best" but how much better could it be?  Apparently for preemies, breast milk is like MEDICINE.  So the pumping began.

This was not easy for me at all.  It was so mechanical and so different from the natural normal process of breast feeding.  I have never had a short supply of milk and this time I am just keeping up with the needs of the twins.  They are being feed with a tube to the stomachs but will learn how to nurse over the next few weeks.   Today we got to practice.  Each baby is learning what it is all about.  I can't tell you how good that felt.  To all my friends that pump out of necessity, I admire your love of your child.  I hope to feel the comfort of two babies getting all their nutrition from mom soon, until then just call me a cow!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Memorial Day full of family Memories

So it was Memorial Day, and we are so thankful for the freedoms that we have in this country.  Prayers of thanksgiving for all those whose lives have been lost in defense of this beautiful country.  
One way that families celebrate the freedom is to have a summer opening party at the pool.  I stayed home and rested while Bear with the help of Goobers, Sugar and Pooker had a party with some of the neighbors, his siblings and some friends from church.  Dad joined the party to BBQ and bring the younger kiddos.  They all had a great morning and mid afternoon,I was very thankful for some time to rest. 


Possible with neighbor friends

Sugar with neighbor L

Bear and Pickle


Jumba wearing a big boy jammer

Lifeguard Bear
Friends from Church

Lifeguard Goobers


This time was wonderful and then we all headed to the hospital to see the Twins.  This is becoming a very special time in our day.  
Twin Beautiful

Twin Adorable

Twin Adorable is the Elephant in the room decor!

My precious Adorable

Twin Beautiful is the monkey.

Beautiful is so kissable.
 The kids got a little time to hold the babies.  It is so hard because we really want to grab them into our arms and hug and kiss them non stop.  Their little bodies just can't register that right now.  My children have been so good about giving each other turns and trying to make sure that no one feels left out.  Not easy when just one person gets to hold one baby.  One thing I see in every single picture is LOVE.  These babies  are so very loved.
Bear and Jumba watch as Pooker cuddles Twin Adorable

Goobers with Twin Beautiful

Twin B was born second and much smaller but she has been much more alert.  She seams to follow voices and her face is expressive.  


Twin Adorable has to work harder to breath.  We know she will soon be alert and interact like her twin.  That face is still too much for me.  So precious!

Princess getting a first time to hold Twin Adorable.  I think their Adorable will have hair like Princess.  At birth Princess had lots of dark hair just like Adorable.  

 Now to the pictures I could not wait to take.  The babies are bedded in separate beds and that it a new policy.  I am in no place to question it but I do wish they were allowed some time together.  So we grabbed a few shots the two together.
Twin Adorable is on the left and Twin Beautiful is on the right.

I look at them and see nothing but the differences.  I even wonder if they are really identical.Then seeing them together I can see how alike they do look.  I still wonder how alike they will be as they grow.  As Beautiful catches up to Adorable in weight I find they look more and more alike.  Adorable still has thicker hair and Beautiful has a thinner face, BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK?????  The Placenta was sent off for study so we will soon know if it was two fused together or truly just one placenta from a set of identical twins.  Either way I just love my little miracles.  
So by looks alone what do you think:   identical or not  ????  

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just a Few Pictures from the week

Pooker admires Beautiful

Goobers with Beautiful



Twin Adorable

Twin Beautiful
I was really bad at taking pictures this week.  It was a very hard week.  Going home but leaving babies at the hospital is something that you can't prepare for.  My body is not healing like it did in past pregnancies and I feel sick.  My legs and belly are still swollen and sore with fluid.  In that respect it is a small blessing that the Twins are being well cared for.   I am pumping my breast milk, but I am not even near babies when pumping so it feels very mechanical.  It is best for premie babies so I will continue but it adds to the odd emotions of the week.  Saturday The older kids had their swim meet and I stayed home and slept all morning into the afternoon.  We all rushed to hospital after swim to spend as much time with babies as we could.  Twin Adorable is now off IV and we were so hopeful that we could hug on her.  Possible was taking the first turn in holding her and her oxygen levels kept dropping.   She remained stable once we put her back in her crib, but that really was hard to see.  Poor Possible felt like it was her, it wasn't.  Adorable just can't handle all of that stimulation.  Twin Beautiful is much more accommodating.  We have all held her except for Pickle, who had a cold.  She is so tiny but really so strong.  Medically they are both doing great and making advances each day.  Thank you for reading our updates.  I am sure that the babies will be getting bigger and stronger all week.  I just ask that you continue to pray in thanksgiving for our health and request that the twins continue to mature so we can bring them home.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Time with Twins- Sunday and Monday

Twin Beautiful

Twin Adorable

Dad and Mom with Twin Beautiful

Dad and mom with Adorable

Mom's room decorated by Princess, Bagel, Jumba 

I don't have much to say about these pictures.  They speak for themselves.  These babies are still in the hospital and will be for a little longer.  I plan to update more and more picture.  They won't contain many stories but will try to chronical the day by day advances made that can be seen in pictures.  I also love all the shots of the with each other.  The sibling love in our house is so strong.  The kids love the twins and each other so much.  Dad and I look over these shots and realize how blessed we truly are.  Thank you for all your prayers.  Mom is healing and babies are growing.  These are both little miracle in and of themselves.  Your prayers are being answered and I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart,