Monday, June 29, 2009

Father Daughter Dinner Dance

The homeschool group had a great time on Sunday night. A group within our Bread of Life group formed last year. We have not been able to join them but they have a great time. The group is for girls between 5 and 13. It is called the Pickwick Society, based on Little Women. They have done some very cool project from what we have heard. One of their latest adventures was to learn some of the formal dances from times past. The girls sent formal invitations to their friends and we were lucky enough to be invited. Sugar was asked to join her friend, Faith for the evening. Her official escort would be her father and the rest of her family. As all adventures with this great group of people, we had a blast.

Sugar was the one invited to this Father Daughter event. We all got to be her escorts. Jumba was one of her favorites.
Dad told us that he hated to dance and did not plan on having fun. There is something about a dad and his daughters that can soften that thought. He had a blast with Sugar and the rest of the crowd.
Bear and Moogie fight all the time. One of the other girls told her that she could dance with her brother if her dad was busy with another daughter. Bear stepped up to the plate for his sister here. I was a little shocked but mostly proud. He is a good brother and Moogie was so happy.

This is the group that tried the formal dances from past times. The dads were so wonderful to try this with their daughters. Bear was the only big brother willing to give it a try.
A closer look of my crowd.

Pooker decided to treat her escort to food, knowing that it would encourage him to last longer on the dance floor. Honestly he loves to dance. We often just watch him at home.

These are my three older kiddos. I was worried that they would be upset being there. The night was set up with the younger girls in mind. These three didn't waste time. They fit right in as always. The night was a blast and even the older crowd loved it.
Sugar loved that special time with her daddy. She was great at sharing him but the first few dances were hers. I am sure they are making fun of the entire dance here but at least they are laughing.

Bear and Jumba trying out new moves.

My husband is a real ladies man. Not all the girls in his circle are his but he always had the biggest crowd around him during the dances.

It took us forever to convince Pickle to get out there and dance. He put up a fight but in the end his sisters won. They convinced him to give it a try and he had a blast. The rest of the night we couldn't get him off the dance floor.

My guys clapping.

These two are close and this was a special dance to see. I know it will be repeated at weddings and celebrations many times over. Poor Bear just has so many sisters to dance with. He does a great job and making each one feel special.

Bagel loved her daddy time.

The line dances were so funny to watch. My kiddos take them WAY TOO SERIOUSLY. Reminds me of their Gramps when he would prepare for the dance at the auctions.

Pooker with two of her men.

Pickle took after Bear and worked hard at making sure his sisters had a great time out on the dance floor.

Bagel had a great time at the dance. I have a ton of great pictures of her.

She even makes me look good!

Dad and mom tried to dance a few times. We are not any good and are always interrupted. WE had fun non the less. Here I am trying to stop Jumba from pulling his shirt over Moogie's head.

What a goof ball!
Here we are trying again. Fun times!

One of Princess's good friends had the same dress on. This is Charity our friend from homeschooling and swimming. They clean up nice. They have always been so much alike that I really do find it funny that they are dressed the same here. Notice Jumba not wanting to miss being in the picture.

This was a wonderful night. I have found that in the homeschool world we often worry about missing a program that a school does. If we miss it enough we just plan one for ourselves. This is a perfect example of how we don't miss out on anything. When we do it we can make it better. This was not just a dance for the 5th graders it was a family dance. How perfect is that?!?!? Thank you to those that put it together and to Faith for inviting Molly and the rest of us. We had a total blast. (More pictures for my friends can be found on FaceBook.)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rain!! 70 days from the last storm

The national news seams to be covering the mid-west and their heat issues but not mentioning the deep south like Houston. The area is in the middle of a huge drought. We last received rain on April 18th. It rained so much on the 17th and 18th. Mimi and Fr. Tom were visiting then and wondered if it ever stopped. Well it did and hasn't rained in 70 days.

This rain came in a very short spot shower. The air was so hot that the streets dried up within the hour. The water pooled on top of the ground. The plants were drooping and might now start to perk up a tad. I know it worked for the kiddos. They perked up and ran around. We know that the shower was very local (our neighborhood only) and wanted to prove to our friends that it happened. It didn't last long but felt good.

These are very happy faces. The weather has been dry and also very very hot. It was in the high 80's back in April. It just continued to get hotter and hotter. The past several weeks it hasn't been cooler than the high 90's. We have broken several records the past few days going over 100's. Hot hot hot. The rain was here long enough to create a steam bath.

We loved the rain. It was cooling for just a few minutes. If felt good coming down. We acted like children on Christmas morning when it started to fall. Thank you God for the little reminder that it will not last forever.

All-Stars and the end of Swim Season

This weekend ended the 1009 swim season. The invitationals were held over the weekend. Pooker qualified in every one of her strokes and was asked to swim in a few relays. Pickle was the same way. Princess qualified in one event and Bear was asked to swim in one relay.

Our team has the tradition of placing these "fish" in the yards of those swimming in the the post season events. We loved these adorable designs of each of our "fish".
It is hard to see but Pickle wanted to understand what a six pack is, he asked the question during practice this year. This is why if you look very closely you will see a "6 pack" on the chest of his little fish.

Princess was so excited about going to All Stars.

The biggest Cuda fan is sitting here enjoying time between events. This poor little guy was so sick of watching swimmers that before our last event on Saturday he cried and cried. After his fit he perked up, we went home for a late afternoon nap and he was then happy again. He is such a good trooper. Way to go Jumba. He is always proud of his big siblings, he cheers them on and someday I hope they can return the love. I know they will.

Go Princess, I know you can do it.

Look at all my swimmers with two young boys that cheered with us over the weekend.

One thing that we love about swimming is that it involves the entire family.

The friend in the the orange and white is visiting from Doha on the other side of the world. He swam with us last year and then moved far, far away. It was great to see him and his family again.

Jumba is yelling, "Go UUdas!!!"

Our two Sunday swimmers. Swim fast guys and make Dad happy.

Our Saturday swimmer. Princess was fast.

All the fans watching and cheering.

Pickle enjoyed cheering on Sunday but he would rather be in the water.

Sugar loves being around all the people. She had a blast on both Saturday and Sunday.

GO Cuddas! Thank you dear Cuddas for all the fun this year. I am glad that it is now over but we sure did have a fun year!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cudas Win!!

The anticipation was so great coming into this day. Divisionals is a huge meet in which all teams compete for the top scores of the day. Six teams, a huge pool and excited swimmers. We barely slept the night before. Too many wonderful thoughts. Bear and I started painting Cuda's on the car the night before.We knew that the right amount of cheer would help our team, have fun at least!We loved the way that it turned out. Go Cudas! We all finished the car the next morning and headed to the pep rally. Everyone met at the local high school in the parking lot. We lined up the cars and cheered. We then drove to the pool in a huge Cuda Caravan. It was very cool watching all the cars in front of us and those behind us with all of their Cuda paintings. Our Cuda Car was filled with cheers and songs. The children were all very happy and enjoyed the process. Win or loose, today would be a day that they would all remember with joy and excitement.
Look at all my swimmers. Here they were all set to cheer each other on and take home the prize.
We have said before that Dad takes the meets very seriously. You would think that he was a former Olympic Swimmer. No, he just gets competitive when they get near the water. There is little talk the rest of the week but the kiddos all look forward to meet time. They know dad will have some words of wisdom for them before they get into the water. Pooker did comment elsewhere that this picture looks less like a pep talk and more like a discussion about Princess and Driving.
This is the Cuda's biggest fan! He took his job of cheering very seriously. His smile and giggle were contagious.
This was a wonderful opportunity for the Cudas to swim in such a state of the art swimming facility. The little ones complained that the blocks were high but loved seeing their names in lights on the boards.
One of the screens would often show a view from an underwater camera. In this picture of that shot is one with Pickle swimming by. I know you can't tell it is him but I can. Go Pickle, Go!

In the end this pool proved to be good for our swimmers. Each one took time off. You will need to see J about specifics of their times. I don't follow that as closely as he does. He just lets me know if they improve and each one did in almost every stroke. Yeah Cuda Kiddos!

Even the fans had a good day. We got to sit in the air conditioning. That does make it all better! With two pools back to back I often found I had a swimmer in each pool at one time. The little ones made sure that everyone was cheered for.

By the end of the day we all felt like this. Little Jumba was able to rest while the fans were still screaming and his siblings were swimming. It was a long day for him. As always though he was so very good. I am very proud of him. He goes where we take him, he doesn't complain, he rejoices when he sees his siblings and he is a delight to have sitting on my lap. I loved the sticky faced kisses, watching him wave his pom pom and hearing him yell, "Go UUDAS!" The "C" sound is still a little tricky. So cute!
This is what it looks like waiting for the counting of all the points. We waited and waited to find out who came out on top. The entire team didn't stick around but many of us did. Then the word came and there was much rejoicing. Our Cudas pulled ahead and took 1st place out of the 6 teams. It was a great moment for all those that stuck around to hear. As soon as we got home the girls started posting on FaceBook and the rest of the team got the good news. This was Pooker's last swim with the team. She has been invited to the invitational event of All-Stars next weekend but this was her last team swim. I wrote about how proud I am of her in her swimming career last week after her last meet. Here she is with one of the other seniors. It was very cool that Pooker's event 15-18 woman relay was the last event of the day. She was the last one in her relay. Then to find out it was a win was a great way to end her Cuda swim career.
Our little cuties are a team with in a team. I am very proud of them. They all did their best. They all made it a great day. This is the message that the kiddos wanted to be the last message for their coaches. I didn't get it until it was explained to me later. One of their previous and favorite coaches would often end practice with a game of "baseball". It was played with him hitting tennis balls into the pool off of kick boards. The swimmers would all scramble to search for the balls. They loved doing this. The new coach hates those games and will never play them with the swimmers. Apparently they ask everyday in honor of Coach Steve. Everyday they are told that they can't "play games" until they win something. So now the kiddos want to know if they can finally play some Pool Baseball.