Friday, March 28, 2008

Dress tradition

Traditions are fun. It seams like simple family activities are always becoming traditions in our home. Each child getting more excited than the last as they reach a certain stage. This was evident this past week. We have finally set the date and made the plans to visit St. Louis and our dear friend Fr. Tom Keller. We will have Cowboy baptized and Moogie will finally make her first Holy Communion.

Once plans were made it was time to spend some money and enjoy another tradition or two. When it was time for Pooker to make First Communion, Moogie had just been born. As a baby Moogie cried all the time! She would calm down for just Pooker,her daddy or me. This meant that while I was cooking dinner Pooker was holding the baby, or while I trying to settle Moogie down, Pooker was helping by taking Sugar to the potty. Pooker was always so helpful!! So when it came time to buy her First Communion dress her daddy said to take her out shopping and to make a big deal of the time. The two of us had a blast, just mom and Pooker. We found the perfect dress, the perfect veil and had a nice dinner together.

Jump forward a few years and it is now Goobers turn. Apparently Pooker and I set the tradition. Pooker wasn't going to miss out so the rule was that the shopping was to be done by all women that have already made their Communions. The 3 of us headed out.
Poor Bear, no such traditions were set in place for the boys. Sugar and her sisters and I had purchased her dress before our travels to St. Louis. Bear and I took Mimi and made a last minute trip to the mall for his suit. He looked great and never complained.

So here we are on our shopping trip for the perfect dress for Moogie. Pooker, Goobers, Sugar and I were all there to help and give our opinions.

I got to sit and watch the sisters enjoy each other's comments as Moogie tried on dress after dress. I can only imagine that our future will hold many more days like that. We have two more girls to make their First Communion and to need dresses and then all those weddings. What joy!!!!

The second part of the tradition is that the girls get their ear pierced as the present from mom and dad. They always want to have it done for the big day so that you can see their earrings in the pictures. Don’t worry while all this seams superficial we have also been working on the spiritual aspect of this very important day.

Easter Sunday

OK, I know this is late in the week to still be posting about Easter. "Easter also refers to the season of the church year called Eastertide or the Easter Season. It officially lasts for the fifty days until Pentecost." (Copied from Wikipedia) So it looks like I have fifty days to speak about Easter.

Easter Sunday is the most important day in our year. The first Easter was the most important date in History! One year I even sent out Easter cards instead of Christmas cards. This year I sent neither, sorry.

We had a very busy weekend. I kept putting off busy Easter outfits and paid the price Saturday. J and I were at the grocery store until 10:30pm buying the perfect meal to celebrate Easter. Then I was back at Wal-Mart to finish off outfits. I hit the pillow way after 3am and the bunny woke us up at 7:30. It was a short night. We had our egg hunt, dressed for Mass, stood along the side because Mass was so crowded (yeah!), got some pictures, headed to the park for more pictures, came home to start the perfect meal only to discover that the main dish had mistakenly been put in the freezer. So we ended up at Olive Garden. I was disappointed because the sun was too bright to get good pictures. One of the Texas T's best physical features are our eyes. You can't tell that when we are all squinting. Jason was disappointed because his perfect meal was still frozen.

As we sat at Olive Garden I took the opportunity to glance at my family. They are each incredible. They are all different and unique but all very special. I can only imagine that is how the Father looks at all humanity. He must laugh at our quirkiness but respect our differences. The love that swelled in my heart as I observed my crowd was overwhelming and brought tears to my eyes. If I can love that much even with my multiple imperfections and selfishness, how much more much the Father must love us.

My intention is to continue to try to live out my gratitude to Christ for bearing the result of sin and rising again. If I can only live out the Easter then I have hope of Heaven. All this and heaven . . .

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cowboy's Big Grin

This is a short little video with the kiddos all working to get Cowboy to smile. He really does have a great big smile. He makes us all so happy! We are so thankful for this happy man in our life.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patick's Day Shhh

Don't tell the bishops of Ireland, but Happy St. Patrick's Day!!. I didn't know until today that the rumors were true. Being that it is Monday of Holy week; the feast day of St. Patrick has been moved to the 15th this year. I heard rumors but I didn't believe them. I was shocked to read them. I must say that our very Indian priests did wish us a Happy St. Patrick’s Day at the end of Mass. With that all being said we will wish you a very happy day. If you forgot your green at least this year you can blame the church and not get pinched.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dad visits Hawaii

We had a different kind of week. Dad was attending a business meeting in Hawaii. Apparently his company met sales numbers enough times in a row that they treated the employees to a meeting scheduled this year in Hawaii. As much as we like the little break from the family routine we still have a hard time apart. Almost every night one of the kiddos came to our bed because they missed their daddy. The older ones knew that we would stay up later and they loved that part, but they all missed dad.

Dad was in Honolulu and did enjoy the time with his work friends. They were treated to a tour of Pearl Harbor and the memorials. My dear husband J is a history major and an avid reader of American history.

Even though he doesn't have the love of the camera that the kiddos and I share, he still took a camera.

J had another good year with work in ’07. Here is a picture of J and his peers in regards to meeting their numbers again. Way to go J.

He only spent a few hours on the beach on free afternoon. I would be burnt but he came back with a nice color to him.We are so glad to have him back, and we missed him terribly. Once he gets back on our time zone schedule life will be back to normal. Please offer up a prayer for all those that have lost loved ones defending our beautiful country. We are so blessed!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How will they do labs?

I have heard it a million times over. All home schooling parents have been asked by well meaning friends, families and strangers about the lab activities in high school. I remember telling our pediatrician when Pooker was 4 ½ years old that we were looking into private school or home school.

I remember that his first response was,
“As her doctor I would advice you not to pursue the home schooling option. I am too concerned for her social well being.”

I remember looking at him and wondering what exactly I was paying him for. Did he see himself as her primary caretaker and I just did the dirty work? Was he arrogant enough to assume that his lengthy schooling in the study of pediatric medicine made him an expert on education, social development, and my family?
“I wouldn’t want you to be concerned, Doctor, but her father and I are researching our options and doing our homework . . .we have discovered a large home schooling community in the St. Louis area that will offer us outlets for many of your concerns.”

“Well what about the lab work for high school? You certainly can’t teach that? How will she learn these things? What if she wants to go into medicine but never has the opportunity to dissect because you have denied her access to the labs.”
the doctor responded.

Doctor so far we are talking about Kindergarten. What makes you think I am not qualified, for all you know I could have an advanced degree in biology?
(I don’t, but I could have!)

Shortly after that we had another situation that led me to believe that he was the type of Doctor that didn’t listen to his patience. He knew best and as his patience we owed it to him and to ourselves to listen. I employ my physicians to advise me in areas of medicine. Then it is when I solicit such advice. I also believe that the fundamental difference between my knowledge and the Doctor is his education. If I had chosen such a path I would have the same information. I no longer employee such Doctors.

I hope that dear man has not lost sleep over Pooker’s educational path, but he was not the only one to ask about labs. They must hold such fun memories for so many people. I always knew that I could order lab kits but never did. I was never worried about it until recently when our dear Pooker begged me to purchase a dissection kit to go with her biology book. She completed the class but still wanted to do those labs. She is looking at nursing so it is right up her alley.

I didn’t tell her the kit was on the way. It showed up as a huge surprise. Some of the siblings were grossed out but mostly curious.

She started digging into the kit the other day. She started with the earthworm. This has been received with squeals of delight. I can’t say that I love it but the kiddos do.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hannah Montana VIP Party

Did you hear!!???!!! Lots of screams of delight, lots of singing and dancing, lots of young girls going crazy for a little while. Maybe you already knew that Hannah Montana, THE HANNAH MONTANA, was here in Houston the other night. She gave a rockin show at the Rodeo on Sunday 3-9-08.

Well not all the screams were to be heard from down town.
Some came from our own "T Stadium". We had a blast!!

I doubt that we would have had more fun if we were actually at the concert. Thanks for coming to town Hannah and giving the girls an excuse to have some extreme girl time. We dressed up, had a photo shoot, ate delightful treats, laughed through an episode of the show, got creative and made frames, sang and danced the afternoon away.

Were we a tad over the top. Yes but it was all in fun. The group of girls that came to party with us are all very level headed young women and we all enjoyed the time to let our hair down and dance. Thanks to all the ladies that helped the T girls have a Rockin' good time.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Dad's a NUD

Bagel is not pleased with her daddy's new eye glasses. We spent hours searching for the perfect pair. I find his selection to be a good match for his face. My dear husband has needed glasses for reading since I have known him. I like them but he doesn't wear them often. He lost his last pair awhile back and so Bagel just isn't used to seeing him in glasses. He and I went to pick up the glasses the other evening. She was in bed when we arrived at home. The next day we had forgotten that she hadn't seen the glasses. She walked past him and look up at him.
"Hey dad, you're a nud!"
I disagree with her assessment but was amazed how young the kiddos are when they begin to see their parents as dorks and nerds. Oh well! Dad is the nerd (or NUD) so I get to be the dork!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mommy's Baby

Cowboy is my son! He loves the strawberry almost as much as mom! That is a tad difficult to do, because as everyone knows
Our intention wasn't to give him one he just took it from his sister and we all watched closely as he tried it. We are sure enjoying this little guy. Sometimes the best gifts in life are the ones that you don't ask for and that you are afraid of at first. Thank you again God for giving us Cowboy!


Have you ever heard of a Bumbo? They are apparently one of the hottest newer baby things out there. We are so 'up on the trends' that I am surprised that we even heard of this contraption.
We got one and I must say that Cowboy loves this expensive thing.
Is it something that every one must have to be a better parent and to allow your child the best childhood ever?


Is is cool, fun and am I glad we got one?