Saturday, January 31, 2015

Great Picture

While the big kids were gone for the weekend a few of us snuck off to Freddy's   Pickle took this shot.  It was a delight to find it.  These kids all enjoy life and you can see it in this shot.  Friends for life.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Ask any mom and they will tell you that there is nothing more attractive than a guy being a great daddy to his kiddos.  My kids are blessed to have a great man as their father who will do anything to make them happy.  I loved watching Princess and Bagel get all dressed up for their date with dad.  J had missed our excitement with Fr. Tom and the sending off of the big kids for their retreat because he was working so hard.  He comes home on Fridays worn out and ready to rest.  He didn't care, he got ready and then pinned their flowers on them.

They were off to the dance that was also a fundraiser for the the American Heritage Girls.  We are not in the group but wanted to show our support and the the three were not let down.  I think we can all tell by the pictures that they had a blast.

Fr. Tom is Here

Royal reception with all the honored stuffed animals there to greet Fr. Tom.
We headed to Incredible Pizza for some food and fun.  Fr. Tom was in town to help the big kids with the Confirmation Retreat for Possible.  He made sure that he would have a little time for the younger ones.

The twins had a blast.
These kiddos take the racing and the bumper cars way to seriously.  Don't even ask who won!

There were so many tickets won the kiddos decided to "buy" the twins their own princess crowns.  So cute.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Another Co-Op Day

The kids are learning for sure.  I am staying on track more because we have to get together with others on the subject matter one time every two weeks.  The flip side is that the kids are forced to spend that time during co-op in the class room settings.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Tent City

When you are allowed to create it is amazing what you can come up with.  The tent world was a fun one that lasted a day in the living room.  They had such an elaborate fortress that my pictures do not do it justice.  The sleeping twins might indicate how worn out all that work was. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Celebrate the Return

J and I are so proud of our kiddos and their stand for life.  They were not gone long but we wanted to celebrate their return.  Chubs has become our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant where we aways seam to migrate to when we need to celebrate something fun.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

March For Life 2015

Again with their own money these kiddos have taken this cause to defend the innocent life of the unborn.  It is their fight and they fight it proudly. I love that they make their own sacrifices to see that they are there to represent those that can't make it to DC.  These four kiddos of mine witness to the world what is really important.

They always run into so many friends from all over the country.  I love it.  We all will continue to unite our prayers and fight for justice for the unborn.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Life Teen Friends

Possible makes friends all over the place.   She continue to grow in friendship with all thee beautiful young women of God.  Each week I see them gather, share and laugh.  Having friends rooted in Christ is the best way to live your life.

Rest In Peace

At our very active parish of STAOP we lost one of our Deacons.  He was an extremely active and young member of the parish.  His death was a tragic accident and the shock of his passing has set our community in a tail spin.  I am so amazed and humbled by the real since of family that I feel in this death.  WE, the parish, have come together to mourn and celebrate.  Christ can be found amongst the mourners.