Saturday, December 31, 2016

Are You Kidding Me?

Our New Years eve plans were supposed to be simple and quiet.  I was still not feeling great I didn't want a huge party.  I just wanted my kids around.  I wanted a New Years Eve like we used to have in the 'old' days.  I thought we would sit and watch a series of movies and then stop and toast at midnight.  While dad and mom were out shopping to the proper midnight/movie marathon snacking we got a phone call . . . and then some pictures from home.

 I heard jumbo and water bottle were involved.
Well this was going to change our tv watching plans.  Love my kiddos.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Holiday Bandages

Everyone in our house loves to play health care.  When I got to visit a Target store and they had Christmas style bandages on sale I decided to buy some.  These two were trilled.  I tried to give them one pack each but they wouldn't work.  LOL

Beautiful on left and Adorable on right!
One box of band aids wasn't enough. The twins both told me, 
"If we want to become doctors we will need 'bunches of bandaids'."

Thursday, December 29, 2016


I really never know how many silly pictures will appear in my camera rolls on the computer after I have left the house for a few minutes.  Princess is silly and beautiful!


Pray for me. I have a big test on Friday morning and I really hope to do well. 

We were so excited after the test was completed!  Sounds like time for mom and dad's adult children to go have a drink together.  I can't even begin to say how proud of this young woman I am!!!  Pooker is almost 25 and still working hard at finding out her career path.  She has kind of decided to go back to school, in nursing.  She had a huge test to take in hopes to score high enough for a particular program.  We won't know if she got in to the program for a while but she did great on the test.  Way to go girl.  All the time you sacrificed over the holidays to prepare payed off.  Time for a drink!

Just an update for those who are curious, I did pretty well. I think my scores are pretty competitive. I scored above national average, which I know we should all strive to be our best, and competing isn't really what it's about, but it does feel good when your margin is higher than the average.

  Thank you for the prayers again and kind words from everyone. It was so nice to go in with so many good words in my head from people I respect and truly cherish.
New adventures all the time with these kiddos.  I love that we now have 3 adult kiddos that are old enough to have a drink.  I wasn't feeling too well.  I have a horrible cold and have had it for the holidays.  I couldn't even taste the food from the food trucks at Deacon Baldy's but I still enjoyed the time with the kids.  I love these guys.  I am so proud of the person that pooker is becoming and I can't wait to see the path God puts her on.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Tea Party

The twins like their Tea Parties.  One of their Christmas gifts included a precious new tea set.  Goobers brought flowers and everything.  She gave Adorable pink carnations and Beautiful purple carnations.  We set out little sandwiches and had special cookies. 

I am loving this new tradition started by our youngest ones.  Hope we keep it up with our once a month tea party!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Family Joy

 It looks like St. Nick was here, the cookies are eaten, the milk is gone, and the tree has presents all around.

As the kids sat on the stairs waiting for everyone to be ready "to see if Santa came and left presents" I noticed that the twins were getting so excited they could barely sit down and be still.  "That joy and anticipation is what makes Christmas morning fun.  People right movies about it, they sing song about it, they try to re-create it eat year for themselves and their children.  But that joy is part of something bigger.  You all have hope knowing that their are physical gifts waiting to be open and played with.  What is today?  Yes it is Jesus Birthday.  He is the gift that means we can someday spend forever with God in Heaven.  Today isn't the important day, this joy you feel is nothing compared to what we foster and feel about HEAVEN!  The real goal.  Heaven is what you should long for. The joy and hope of Heaven!"

I have spent the last few months fighting my allergies, so when the moment came to rest I took it.  This is my favorite part of Christmas.

"Another one is taller than me every year. Love these crazy people so much! Merry Christmas! Enjoy your families, friends, and especially the hope that was born that we celebrate this day. I listened to my mom explain the joy of Christmas morning to my twin 4yo sisters who couldn't wait to get down stairs this morning: "this is the joy you should long for. The joy and hope of Heaven!" Jesus loves you and wants you to know him in this world. Seek him."

"Happy Birthday Jesus! Merry Christmas from your favorites!"
 Princess posted this greeting under a posting of the family picture:
"The one present I didn't have to unwrap Merry Christmas!! " 
 Christmas dinner had to be early.  Pooker had to leave us to work a shift.

As Christmas Day comes to a close and we celebrate the season of Christmas I must pause and give thanks to all those that had to work. So many in the medical professions and first responders work even harder during the holidays. I am thankful that Pooker was able to spend most of the day with and thankful that she and her peers are on guard to keep us safe and make us well again if something happens. Thank you!
Merry Christmas!