Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We Need Snow!!!!

The Crazy Texas T family has entered the Weather Channel's Guaranteed White Christmas Contest. As you all know I miss snow so much, we all kind of miss it. Anyway my family worked some recording into our busy Thanksgiving with the hope that we will win. Bear and Pooker worked some computer magic to create what I think is the cutest video ever. Well maybe not ever but I am very proud of my family. We had an idea and then worked together to complete it. It would be so wonderful to have a party in the snow here in Texas.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

So Thankful in 2010

I love this day so much. It is such a joy taking a moment to say thank you. We are so thankful for so many things like our each other and the meal that was prepared. The kids were even willing to go battle the turkey. They removed the head and started the preparations.

All my chefs worked very hard. We had a wonderful spread of food before us. Truth be told we are most thankful for each other and all of you, our family and friends.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fire Pit Family Time

Possible prepares to go outside to enjoy more family time. She won't let this happen until she shares her new glasses with us.
Fire Pit memories begin. Dad and I were inside while the kiddos set this one themselves. Sugar and Pickle having a stare down.
Bear sitting back enjoying the fire.
They got it started and were very proud of the pit when Dad and I got outside.

Everyone loves family time around the fire. The kids say that they are practicing for our RV time on the road.
Notice all the dirt and grime on these little ones.
Bagel is a wreck, look at all her dirt.
Lots of stories and lots laughing.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Funny Story

At Catholic Coffee Club last Monday I went around the class asking the teens a question. We were trying to kill time while waiting for everyone to arrive. So I posed this question to the 15 teens that were present. "What is your favorite dish served for Thanksgiving?" I got all the standard answers . . ."My mom's dressings, no the pies are the best, I love turkey and gravy." I even had one teen that told us about her family from Cuba and there tradition of serving roasted pig instead of turkey. The rice dish was her favorite.

Then it was Bear's turn. "We have this very pretty bowl that is orange and yellow. It is shaped like a leaf and mom serves potatoes out of it. It is the prettiest dish I have ever seen!" What a nut this kid is. Leave it to him to turn the question around. Bear is one of the funniest people I know.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pickle is 10

My precious Pickle is now 10 years old. I can't even believe that he is becoming such a happy young man. He asked for an ice cream cake and we were happy to oblige.
We all enjoyed a great dinner and then the delicious cake that he called his King cake.
Pickle decided to light it all the candles himself. With all the tricksters that kept blowing out the candles, we began to worry that this ice cream cake was soon going to be a puddle before we got the chance to sing to him.

Pickle is a beautiful, kind, creative, strong, loving, and imaginative young man. Well love you so much Pickle. Happy happy birthday!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Girls Night Out

A good friend of Goobers had her Sweet 16 party at the beginning of November. We know the birthday girl through our Catholic Coffee Club. She is Goobers age and she also has a sister that is Sugar's age. They are a great pair or sisters to be friends with my pair of sister friends. My little Tom-Boy girls were invited to a night out on the town. They would be transported by a Limousin, were semi formal gowns and have a blast.
Pooker helped that to get ready. They looked so beautiful, My camera lens is once again broken so no formal pictures. This really saddens me as they did look fantastic.
All pictures of my gorgeous girls have been taken from various facebook pages of the girls that went with them.
The parents followed them around and took care of everything while the girls rode in style. I love that they went bowling in their semi-formal gowns. Too fun. They had a blast.

New friends.
Sugar with the birthday girl.
Look at all those beautiful girls.
This is a fun group of kiddos that all looked adorable and enjoyed themselves. It proved to be a wonderful night out on the town for a very young group of beautiful women.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mom and Dad get away to Mississippi

J needed help again with a trade show. I was happy that the kiddos were able to handle things for three days so I could go with him and help.It is a known fact that the finest dinning in Biloxi Mississippi is a small little restaurant. Mary Mahoney's is one of the oldest homes in America. "You haven't been to the Gulf Coast until you've been to Mary Mahoney's!" I admit that I cried when I read the history on the menu. Yes I said "I cried!" Mary was a woman that loved history, loved food and loved people. I could so relate to her.
I can't even begin to speak as to how great the food was. I do food but can't cook at all like that. Yummy.
I grabbed this quick picture as we were leaving. I love that panting. All the walls were filled with antique art work.

Don't leave and miss the Patriarch, the 2000 year old oak that sits in the courtyard. Yes, I say it was 2000 years old. They claim that 3 experts have examined it and dated it to be over 2000 years old. This tree was around at the time of Christ. That is one old tree.
Mary Mahoney's is mentioned in two of John Grisham's books. Mary Mahoney's is really just one of those place where someone found a beautiful location, this old french home. It was already filled with history. Then a very loving person started cooking for all her friends and serving them in this spot of history. The combination of great food, warmth of loving friends, and beautiful history makes for a wonderful place to visit.

The trade show happened to be at the Hard Rock Casino/Hotel. It was fun to walk around a see all the music "history" and memorabilia. I didn't like the smokey smell of the casino but the rooms were very comfortable. J did enjoy seeing Richie' Sambora's guitar and jacket. Richie plays for Bon Jovi (Jason is one of the bands biggest fans.)
Once again our time out together was short lived but wonderful. We are so blessed to have a little time here and there every now and again to spend together.