Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween - The Year of Emojis

Once again the kids outdid themselves as her as creating their group costumes.  Mom's shirt is supposed to look like a text message saying, "Jason, these kids are driving me . . ." then fill in the emojis that follow.  J responds, "I guess they are acting like you . . ." filled buy a few more emojis.  Bear joined in from long distance via the batman cutout.  Boy we miss him!


Life is so full of things to do that I often overlook some of the "traditions".  I am very glad that my kids make sure that Jumba and the twins still get to enjoy what they did growing up.  This year that would include the pumpkin carving.  J and I were off getting ready to have friends over for Halloween while the kids carved the pumpkins.  In the end we never got a shot of the final projects but they sure had fun carving.  

Inside pumpkin guts are yucky but they had fun.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Woodlands Homecoming

Pooker has a fantastic group of teens that she hangs out with at STAOP.  Several of them that go to one high school decided that they would ask friends that don't go to the school so that most of their group could spend the evening together. I don't know the details of how the night went, just a few stolen pictures showing that they all seamed to have a blast.  

Neighborhood Halloween Carnival

I didn't realize it but the kiddos were missing our old neighborhood a tad.  Sugar wanted to take the kids to the neighbor carnival.  They had a blast.  

Our new neighbor is a lot of fun, although we still miss our old friends.