Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Out of town visitors!

The M family was going to come into town. Mrs. M wanted to see Miss Linda. She introduced us all years ago and now Linda was bringing us together again. Each family had lots of kiddos with them. Not one family had less than 5 children and there wre 5 families. Too many for me to number the children. "God is so good!!!", as Linda would say. Her family did not join us, she is busy planning her funeral but we got together in her honor and talked, laugh, played, and prayed for Linda and her family.

Look at all that energy. We were so excited to see these friends again. We have spent many an hour over the years with special neighbors talking about our faith and watching our children play. It was so good to do it again.

It was so good to see the M family again. We have missed them so much since their move to OK. It has been ages since we have had a good park day with some of the best people in the world. Linda and Larry are always good at bringing us together for these kind of gatherings. There were not with us this time but it was because of them.

Are you noticing all those kiddos and all those smiles! Great fun!

This picture sums it all up. We came, had a great time, enjoyed the weather and the company, and went home tired, a good tired. We are so thankful for the time with friends. I thank Linda for letting us use her situation to remind us how important friends really are.

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