Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back from the store 2:30 p.m.9-11

It is one of the eeriest things to do before a hurricane. Jumba and I just got back from grocery shopping. The parking lot of this store and all those around were packed. It looked like Christmas eve shopping. Crazy. After shopping for 1 hour with a screaming baby we waited in line for 1 hour to check out. Jumba fell asleep. That was one of the few times I have taken him and I just wanted the big kiddos at home to have time to get their laundry done. We are probably the only people on the face of the planet that have to cleanup for a natural disaster, but we did. We will take pictures later in the day for insurance purposes. They need to clean up so we can see the stuff we have insured. (So silly) Some of this seams like over kill until you see the proposed wind for our area. We are looking at Cat 1 or 2 strength winds.

So to those that emailed to ask . . . Yes we will board up the windows. It will not be as hard this time as the stuff is ready in the garage. We are also packing bags in case the power is out for more than a few days. We will head West cause Ike s going North. We have all kinds of food, batteries, water, more food and more water. We are now going to finish straighten up the down stairs. Continue to wash laundry that we found hiding in our rooms upstairs. Take pictures for insurance purposes and then head outside to secure all our lawn junk and start the windows. The fun news is that J is in Austin right now for a work thing and will not get home until after dark. He will be here before the winds and rain but our work load is heavy without him. I am off to do another load of laundry, maybe run get the kiddos a treat of a slushy from Sonic and then back to our hard work! Keep praying!

Notre Dame de Prompt Secour! Haitez-vous de nous securir!

(Our Lady of Prompt Succor! Hasten about assisting us!)
Pray for us!

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  1. We are twins today!!! We are also cleaning and doing laundry and ALL that has to be done without dad. Take heart that you are NOT the only one who has to clean for a natural disaster. I keep telling the girls to clean up and then think, for what, for it to be blown away in a storm. Oh well, at least it's a motivator!!

    Be safe! Julie


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