Friday, September 19, 2008

End of today will mark one entire week without power

The sounds are crazy these days. No hum of the TV or computer but sirens and air vac helicopters at night and chain saws and big trucks during the day.

We can not wait to get power back and also love not having it. The kiddos pray it never comes back but as temperatures begin to rise I am running out of hope that it will ever come back.

There was a humming bird in the house yesterday. That was crazy and yet not a big deal, all at the same time. I guess after Ike it will take a lot more that a bird in the wrong place to freak out my kiddos.

We played at the park for a long time yesterday afternoon. That was wonderful. No raking, no bagging, no whining just playing and talking.

Our BIC angels came through again. I am telling you this company has been a wonderful family to my husband and to our family. Mr. Amato drove milk in with ice, some MRE's, and some other fresh meat to grill. I can only hope that I can learn to be as generous as Jason's co-workers have proven to be. The calls, the offers of help, and the surprise care-packages have really gone a long way to giving us the boast we needed to keep going. In turn J has taken samples for customers around to our neighborhood. Everyone can use a BIC lighter when the power is out.

Our food is holding out. Every time I begin to worry about what to cook something shows up. We even got our hands on some fresh fruit yesterday. All is good. The stores around us are getting better as well. Dairy is hit or miss, ice is rare to find but the can goods are once again well stocked. We even found batteries again. By Monday I am sure that most grocery stores will be back to the new normal. The hours are short because of the need to follow the curfews. The closest store is still on generator.

I reached my wall today. I drove to HEB on the way I saw too many lines down to count. HEB was on generator at the time. The frozen food section was blocked off. I didn't need a frozen food item but I hated to see it empty and blocked off. I turned the corner to the dairy section and it was empty at best. I just sat in the store and cried and cried. I called my mom and cried some more. I pulled myself together thanks to Mimi and purchased a few items.

(these are pictures of a few of the down lines on the way to the store)

I read from my favorite book when I got home. The book that I found the title to this blog. "I Should Have Seen It Coming When The Rabbit Died" by Teresa Bloomingdale. She writes in one chapter about The Terrible Tornado Of 1975 that destroyed their family home and much of their community. She talks about the neighbors checking on each other and the joy in seeing your family safe. She speaks of thanking God for not letting things be worse. I also re-read the Epilogue The Best is Yet to Be. I love how she reminds me of what is important. Thank you to Teresa Blommingdale. I wonder if God has allowed you to see from heaven all the joy you have helped me to find.

The best is yet to be!

The night would end with another gathering at the Texas T home. We loved having all our friends over. Cleaning isn't a stresser when you are using candle light. This time the adults got in on some of the action. We welcomed any neighbor that wanted to join us. There is always good to be found when you are in the right frame of mind.

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