Thursday, September 18, 2008

post Ike #3


It was much cooler when we woke up this morning. The temperature was very tolerable. We hat lots of yard work today so no shower to start. After more eggs and bacon we headed out to clean our front yard and help the neighbors with their yards. My kiddos were cleaning machines. We tackled our front, the neighbors across the way and the street, all while stopping to do any little thing that any of the older neighbors that were also outside helping needed. Pickle ran into a fire ant pile and declared fire ants to be devils. I can’t disagree. Those buggers are not fun.

I was very proud of my family at this point they were all giving it their all to take care of others. The laundry was piling up and beginning to smell. We moved the baskets outside and let the wet stuff dry. The flies were getting bad all over.

Bagel was standing there with a new found friend on her arm. This fly would not have a long life but Bagel had fallen in love with this new member of our family. As she sat admiring his arm Princess walked up and smacked her arm. Bagel was horrified and Princess proudly exclaimed, “Don’t worry Bagel there was a bug on your arm and I got it.” “Oh my poor Jake!” was Bagels reply. Pooker was crying with tears of laughter as she was blessed to witness the entire scene.

We were given ice so our deep freeze was still cold. Working in the yard wasn’t too bad because the temperatures were tolerable. We still do not have cell service, phone service or electricity but the cooler temps without humidity made life tolerable. We also got a news paper this morning and saw a ups driver. The mail didn’t come on Monday and we really hoped that are garbage would be picked up by Tuesday.

After working in the yard. Bear went off on his bike again with friends and Pooker and Moogie walked around with friends. The only one that was having hard time today was Bagel. Out of the blue she told me that she wanted me to start feeding her like a baby again. When I asked what she meant she said she wanted to eat from me like when she was a baby. She meant nursing, how crazy that thought was for me and a four year old. I asked why and she told me that way I won’t run out of food. Poor kiddo. I guess from her level things looked pretty bleak. The frig was empty. I knew she needed extra cuddles today.

Around 8:00 pm it grew very dark. Young kiddos started popping up on our block from all around. The “Capture the Flag” game had caught on. "I don’t know you but can I play." What fun they all had! They even let Pickle stay out this time. He could be heard giggling with delight. The younger ones and I cuddled up on the coach and read stories then we saved our flash lights and began telling stories. Our favorite was about Lord Devin and Princess Gabriella.

Pooker, Bear and Goobers stayed out side until 10:00 playing cards with some friends. Tonight they also fell asleep retelling old stories and laughing about their new friends. Even though we didn’t have power and dad was getting a little freaked out after the batteries in the radio went dead we realized how blessed we were. This hurricane might not go down in our memories as a good thing but not having power just might. We have played, we have talked, we have helped each other. Thank you God for not giving us our power back right away. We have had to suffer a little but only to find great rewards.

Another cool night and tired bodies. We slept well again.

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