Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You can't make everyone happy!

We always hear this and yet we are always trying to please those around us. We have felt pressure lately to adapt our lives or our plans to please others. We have a big family and we might not be finished yet. We homeschool. We are strict about dating. We are very involved with our children's activities. We have picked the rules for the groups we have organized. We have set the guidelines for our activities. We have picked the times that work for our family to do outside events that we have invited other to. All of these parts of our lives tend to upset some around us. It is easy to stress about what others think and want. The others don't even realize they have put pressure on you. Most of the time they are just thinking out loud. They might do it differently and that is OK.

The stress was building up from all the various activities from my life. A dear friend kindly pointed something out to me the other night. This friend's husband often heard this from his mother. It was so needed and reassuring that I decided that I should share.

Why do you keep trying to please the people around you? You are never going to be able to please everyone. Christ was perfect and look what they did to HIM!

This statement doesn't share a new idea but it did help me put it all together.

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