Monday, September 22, 2008

Power trucks seen on Saturday

At the end of our street.

In our back yard!!!

Around the corner!

Around the other corner!

We are so glad to see you!

The joy we felt when we saw more than one power truck can not even be explained. I am unable to describe the awe that we felt at the daunting job for these individuals and the personal sacrifice. We have seen trucks in our own neighborhood from as far away as Michigan, FL and even Canada. Thank you people for leaving your families to come to help us. We could never describe our gratitude.

It was a very good sign when we read the electric reader boards with these messages. Normal life is a long way off but this has us a step closer.

Our neighborhood still looks like this:

Dead trees everywhere. Yard waste all over the streets. Dangerous corners around every pile of waste. You just never know if there are kiddos playing behind that pile or not.

Inside things are good. Lots of Uno and other card games. Anticipation for he nightly capture the flag games and prayers for no power ever by the little ones.

The kiddos are good as we wait to get power. Even without we feel very very blessed.

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