Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Holy Mary

Our homeschool group has a wonderful tradition for the First Friday of September. After the FF activites we gather at one of the local parks. The kiddos have lunch and then as a group we celbrate The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. We build a Rosary with cupcakes in her honor. After a brief discussion we then enjoy our creation and spend the rest of the afternoon playing with friends at the park.

After playing with friends I wanted to try to get a new shot for the blog. This kiddos did their best to be still. I think the shots are cute. I just am not happy with not catching one that got them all looking with smiles. That is often hard with 9 but I always try.

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  1. Love those photos, Shannon! What a great day we had at the park, and what are you feeding your kids that's making them grow so quickly!?!?! :)
    God bless,


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