Thursday, September 11, 2008

IKE is coming 9-11 at 10:00 am

If you are peeking in our lives from up north, please pray for us. Ike is taking turns north and we will be experiencing 60 mile an hour winds by Saturday morning. The eye is still west of us but we are on the dirty side. That means we get all the dirt, rains, winds as the this huge storms circles around. We are not in an evacuation area so we will stay put. Travel is not always the best approach. Our fears are the high winds and all of the pine trees that surround our home. I shopped a tad yesterday for some can goods and water. Today I will head out to get a little more survival food.

Jason and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday. We sat and had a wonderful dinner after I had shopped and we ended our date at Lowes to purchase an anniversary gift. Actually it is more of a hurricane gift than anything else but I just hope we don't need it. We decided that for us a most needed item if trees were down around us would be a gas powered chain saw. Yeah! we can now dig (or saw I should say) our way out if we need to. God bless us, I pray we don't need it.

I will update again later with pictures of the kiddos and our preparations. Just for your information we sit northwest 75 miles from the Galveston Island. We are North of the city of Houston by about 25 miles. I have added a crude lime green dot to show where we are on the hurricane models. Remember that the most danger is from a storm surge and we have no fear of that.

Our Lady of Prompt Succor is the patroness for protection during
hurricanes. Please join us in asking for protection.

Notre Dame de Prompt Secour! Haitez-vous de nous securir!

(Our Lady of Prompt Succor! Hasten about assisting us!)

You became our mother at our baptism and we ask that you beg your Son, our very Brother, to keep us safe during the next few days. Please keeps your arms around us. In our fear we need to feel your loving protection.

To lighten things up remember that a hurricane is just snow days for southerners.

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