Thursday, September 18, 2008

Post Ike Thursday

I am so glad that Jason brought me with him again this morning. I have been able to divide that last post out into several read able posts. I was able to add pictures but only in slide show form. It is just too time consuming to do it they way I wish I could.

Jason has spent the morning at Starbucks trying to catch up on work emails and phone calls. We are headed home back into the land of the forgotten.

Bad news for us is that our lines are so messed up the electric company says that they will not even begin to work on our power until next Tuesday.

Good news is that Mr. Amato is driving in to bring supplies like mile and such. Thank you, thank you. We hear that the kiddos will receive another package today from another Bic co-worker. Thank you so much Ms. Theresa. You all take such good care of us.

our back yard has laundry all over. We washed as much as we could before the rain comes again tomorrow and before we loose water again. With all that laundry it looks like a refugee camp. Oh well it really could be worse.

Thank you all for your prayers. Please also add Uncle Michael's Dad to that list and J's sister Nikki. She is trying to have a baby two months too soon and Mr. R is suffering with cancer. We love you all and will be in touch soon!

Thanks again for all your prayers and gifts!!!

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