Friday, September 12, 2008

Power has blinked! 9-12 7:15 pm

We have been advised to be "hunkered" down by 6:30 pm. So we are all inside now. We have had wonderful visits with neighbors and friends. We decided to add on a few more preparations. One was to make big hunks of ice by filling zip lock bags. We covered the windows on the inside with blankets. If something flies into the windows the blankets will at least trap the glass. We have had too much time to prepare but yet not enough. They just said it could take up to 2 or 3 weeks to get everyone back up with power. UGH! Then with the high winds we worry about all of our tall pine trees . . .

The kiddos have been great today. Pooker is worried but is a true Texas woman. She has conquered the day with purpose and resolve. She had gotten tons of little jobs done that will make us all safer and more comfortable. Goobers has been wearing her bright smile while following her big sisters lead. She has baked, washed dishes, and been at our side to answer all requests. Bear has done his best to keep up with dad. He really is clever when it comes to finding a solution. We have boarded up as many of our windows as possible because they are single pane. Sugar has been busy all day. She has worked, played and talked with friends.

Moogie has worked just as hard as every one else. She has also played pretty hard. She is aware of the danger and still enjoying life. I wish I could be more like her. Pickle just can't wrap his mind around the danger. That has caused him to have a very stressful day. He wants to be a part of everything but avoid it at the same time. He has tried and I love that in him. Princess has worked when she felt like it. She has done it with joy and with giggles. I have so loved hearing her giggles today. Bagel is nervous and crabby. Even with a bad attitude that girl can smile all my fears away. She did ask if she would die today. When I told her "no" she was OK again. Jumba has just wanted to play outside. Every time we bring him in he whimpers. We brought in some of his outside toys and he is loving playing with them. I suspect he will also enjoy the family slumber party in our safe room.

J has once again proved himself a very hard worker, provider for his family and loving protector. Many husbands would not work that hard to care for their crew. He is on top of it all. He is next to me covering our bedroom window as I type. He knows I need to journal to relieve stress and he is taking care of me so I can. He told me today that he couldn't believe how prepared we really were. He said I acted like I had lived with hurricanes my whole life and prepared our large family well. That was a wonderful complement.

I think we are ready. I will go ahead and post this so I don't loose it if the power goes. Right now the kiddos are watching a movie in the family room and J and I in the bedroom watching the latest news of Galveston Island. Those poor folks. I know it looks bad on the national news but so far we haven't had much but a little breeze here and there. It is getting darker but we can't tell much with all the windows covered.

We have been warned that the sounds will be the hardest to deal with, especially for the little kiddos. They say it is loud and doesn't end. I am sure this family with weather it with grace and style as always. We know we can handle anything with His help. Continue to pray. Thank you all for those prayers. We are praying for all of our friends and family. As we begin this long night know that you are in our hearts and on our minds.

With all our love,
The Texas T family

Notre Dame de Prompt Secour! Haitez-vous de nous securir!
(Our Lady of Prompt Succor! Hasten about assisting us!)
Pray for us!

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