Monday, September 1, 2008

Sugar is 12!

Happy Labor day miss Sugar. This young woman came into the world on Labor Day 12 years ago. I was in labor on labor day. Sugar often points out the nation celebrated the day she was born. Labor day is one of those only Monday Holidays so the date often changes. We decided this was a special year. She had a fun time with friends and family at the pool. We were laughing and enjoying the time when it started to rain.

The hurricane Gustav will not be hitting us directly. We got one small band of clouds went over our area today. It rained for just a few minutes. It wasn't hard enough to shut the pool. We then got a small wind gust and a transformer blew. That knocked the power out. The pool has to close when the power is out. Crazy times, I tell you. I guess we were not respecting the storm and it just blew a little in our direction.

The pool closed but it was very hard to get us to leave. The life guards left except for Pooker. She didn't have the heart to kick us out. We stayed under the pavilion and ate our cake. The kiddos then went to the park while the adults sat and talked. It was a great time even if we didn't get that much swimming in. Sugar loved the attention and still has her birthday smile on.


Jumba sneaking into the free stuff room a.k.a. the lost and found.

Bagel grinning for the camera.

Pickle watching the party.

Jumba and his daddy


P.S. Sugar wants me to point out that for the month of September she and Bear are both 12 years old. Some call that Irish Twins, 2 born in one calendar year. All I know is that is bothers Bear so much that we all tease him about it. Love you all!

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